CV Parsing

Discover the secret weapon of effective recruiters - CV Parsing

We agree that it doesn’t sound like the sexiest idea in the world, but we’re the kind of people who find every aspect of effective recruitment practice pretty sexy, so bear with us!

Why is CV parsing vital to good candidate recruitment?

Back to the beginnings of employment - the secret to success is getting the right person to do the right work for the right price. This was true as soon as people realised that it was easier to get somebody else to make their clothes whilst they made somebody else’s axe heads. It’s called specialisation and it’s what makes modern life possible. Great recruitment happens when two things come together - the instinctive ability of a recruiter, whether they are an HR manager or a recruitment consultant, to recognise which personality will fit into an existing team or structure and the cold hard data that ensures that the personality comes equipped with the essential skills to do the job.

Your human intuition, or the intuition of your personnel team or a recruitment consultant, make the first thing happen, CV parsing makes the second thing happen.

Time management and recruitment

What’s the biggest waste of time when you’re trying to recruit? CVs. They are necessary, but they are also the greatest time drain when what you really want to be doing is examining the evidence and then bringing your intuition to bear on how to prioritise the best candidates into interview. CV parsing takes the need to read, interpret and input CVs off your hands. Our CV parsing is one of the best in a competitive industry, it’s swift and its accuracy is unmatched. You might think that would be enough for us, but it’s not. Why do we find CV parsing sexy? Because we went beyond being better than the rest, to add four features that make our CV parsing truly great:

  • Bulk import CVs - yes, you can add three or 13 or 30 CVs to your system simultaneously - so if you attend a recruitment fair, you don’t have a week’s work to do when you get back to the office. The job is done as a bulk import and you can get on with the job of finding the right placement for each of those candidates
  • Automatic system addition - when you bulk import CVs to Recruit So Simple, it added them to the system automatically - unlike two stage processes where you have to parse the CV and then add it manually, our software does the whole job for you
  • Multi-format support - whether it’s a Word document or a PDF, an html CV or a plain text one, or even Open Source text, your software can convert and parse the file instantly.
  • Employment history extraction - many systems can handle simple data but when it comes to complex data they require you to add things manually. Our software allows you to extract all the candidate’s details, including employment history, without manual intervention.

So CV parsing is a powerful tool, an effective aid to recruitment and yes, we think our Recruit So Simple CV parsing is sexy … if yours isn’t, perhaps it’s time to find out what makes our so special?

What our customers say
5 stars

Awesome product

I signed up after trialling the product for a week and was amazed at how simple everything was. They certainly picked a good name for the product! I've found that the software can do an awful lot, but the way in which it's presented makes all the difference. I was all setup and emailing candidates within minutes. I've found their technical support to be very good and they are always updating the product with customer suggestions. Such a breath of fresh air from my previous software which shall remain anonymous :-)

Colleen McPherson, Director, UK