The basic reason that any organisation recruits is to find the right people to do necessary work in a timely fashion. What is true for organisations is equally true for software - the days of bespoke websites that don’t integrate with the web and mobile devices are long past. That’s why our software offers prime integration with partners such as Amazon, Broadbean and Logic Melon.

Recruit So Simple is hosted on Amazon’s AWS Cloud Infrastructure. This was a deliberate choice as it is the route selected by high profile, highly responsive, customer led organisations such as Netflix, Expedia, Nokia, Adobe and HTC.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure offers three key features to our clients: speed, reliability and security. We know that swiftness matters to both candidates and hiring organisations, reliability is vital to the maintenance of effective systems and is a benchmark by which companies are judged and security keeps data safe and guarantees confidence in you and your organisation.

Recruitment solutions and applicant tracking software

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is what makes the complex process of recruitment simple. It’s the deep and often demanding technology that underpins the many activities that need to take place if effective recruitment is to be maintained over time in different departments. These ATS systems are used by many organisations and have become invaluable, but we’ve taken note of our clients’ needs and ensured that integration with top flight ATS fits into our software without requiring any extra learning or separate administrative structures.

Broadbean and Logic Melon are leading software systems designed to manage recruitment at the highest level. Because Recruit So Simple has full integration with both these systems we can ensure that you benefit from all their features, without having to engage with the complexities of specialist software - our beautifully simple interface gives you fingertip control over their sophisticated features, without needing to learn to manage complex systems.

This level of integration brings key benefits - you can post vacancies directly from your system to hundreds of job boards across the internet, such as Monster, Reed, CV Library etc.
Candidates that register on these boards are easily integrated - in fact you can download them directly into Recruit So Simple and review them there.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Broadbean or Logic Melon, our systems fit perfectly with theirs. And we don’t charge a penny for harmonising with your preferred applicant tracking software - if you already have an account with either of these two software providers, we offer free integration.

What our customers say
5 stars

Good product with superb service

We have recently moved from a server based system to Recruit So Simple. The transfer of 7 years worth of information from our old system was easy and seamless. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that is looking for an easy to use and cost effective recruitment software package.

Andy Barnett, Director, UK