Applicant Tracking System

Streamlining the applicant tracking process

Every business has its bottlenecks - sometimes it’s logistics or cash flow, or even sales, but the one bottleneck that every business could do without is recruitment.

So why does it happen?

Many businesses don’t recognise that they have recruitment problem that could be addressed by having applicant tracking software and an online recruitment system. Internal HR departments often benefit from the streamlining that an applicant tracking system delivers. The difficulties of effective recruitment often present as problems ‘finding’ the right people and the sluggish nature of hiring new personnel when they may be actually the bottlenecks of ineffective systems that could be removed by using the right recruitment software.

What to look for in an Applicant Tracking System

Knowing what you need is one thing - finding it is another. How do you choose the right application tracking system for your organisation? There are three key features that any recruitment management system must possess if it is to achieve the aim of making an organisation’s recruitment faster, smoother and cheaper:

  • Ease of use - your applicant tracking systems have to be intuitive. They must be straightforward for everybody in the HR department to use, and they need to be instantly applicable without lengthy training systems or being tied into complex help-desk structures that leave staff frustrated about getting on with their jobs.
  • Cost effective - it’s no good if the HR department is running more smoothly but causing a financial drain on the organisation. Online recruitment software like Recruit So Simple doesn’t tie a business into lengthy contracts and offers an all inclusive price that makes it simple to cost the benefit of the software - nothing hidden, no nasty surprises.
  • Great service - recruiting software needs to run smoothly, not be obtrusive and to deliver time and time again. But there will always be occasions when help is needed: when a new person joins the HR team; when the organisation changes direction or has sudden or complex staffing needs; when new premises, services or products require new staffing solutions. Our staffing software can cope - but can your team? We have customer service that’s second to none and costs you nothing.

Taking your recruitment systems to the next level

So, given that not all applicant tracking systems are equal, and that the three benchmarks above are the key, what ensures that your business gets the best possible recruitment management system?

The detail is what separates the acceptable from the superlative. If you want truly effective recruitment solutions, you need an applicant tracking system that operates at the highest level. What would business life be like if you could:

  • extract relevant data from CVs, instantly
  • conduct intelligent searches of data
  • automate recruitment tasks so repetitive functions happen automatically?

Gold standard online recruitment software will do all this, and more. It will:

  • allow you to post vacancies to your social media networks
  • integrate with your business website
  • be web based so all your team can use it any time from everywhere.

The best recruitment software - like Recruit So Simple - exists to make HR as accessible, easy and  efficient as you always dreamed it could be.

Recruit So Simple

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