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Separating the good from the great

Recruitment is a tricky business. To begin with, there’s finding the balance between focusing on clients (the businesses who need personnel) and candidates (those seeking temporary or permanent work). Then there’s the need to marry up generalisation (the vast numbers of drivers, packers, data inputters and phone answerers that businesses need) and specialisation (from forensic scientists to second violinists, there are always shortages in skilled roles, and recruitment agencies ready to fill the gaps in the market).

Finally, there’s the requirement to find the right people against the desire to find them fast. It’s no good having the ideal applicant if another agency fills the vacancy before you identify, prepare and present your candidate. And it’s bad business to send a second-rate applicant because it suggests you couldn’t identify the necessary blend of skills and experience to meet the client’s needs.

And that’s where great recruitment agency software comes in.

Finding the best recruitment agency software for your business

One often neglected point is that the recruitment industry changes rapidly and that recruitment software must be adaptable to keep up with changing market trends. As geographical areas mature, their recruitment needs alter. As new industries develop, recruitment consultants need to be able to move fast, using recruiting software to support local growth. From the digital cluster in South Wales to Camden’s consulting hive, applicant tracking needs to do more than be a database, it needs to support recruitment agencies in moving fast to meet recruitment needs.

  • The best recruitment systems, like those of Recruit So Simple, are smart, intuitive and swift - a bit like the best recruitment consultants!
  • These applicant tracking systems will offer a simple, clean interface so that no time is wasted moving from screen to screen and inputting data.
  • They balance depth of information with smart searching so that potential candidates can be identified rapidly but with confidence that they tick all the right boxes.
  • They are web-based. Online recruitment software frees up recruitment agency staff to be out in the field, engaging with clients and meeting candidates, which is what they need to do to make placements.
  • Above all, they are regularly and simply updated at source, so that they keep pace with modern technology - no cumbersome maintenance overhauls, no downtime while the IT people install updates, no complex and demanding new systems to learn.

Excellence in recruitment agency software

  • Is your recruitment management system helping your recruitment agency grow and thrive?
  • Is it fun to work with?
  • Does it deliver the right candidates swiftly and accurately?
  • Is it a cost-effective contribution to your organisation?
  • Can all your team access it at any time, from anywhere?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time to look again at your applicant tracking system and find out if it’s holding you back. And if it is … it’s time to move!

Why not let Recruit So Simple bring excellence to you? Contact us today to find out how we can boost your recruiting systems to put you in the Recruitment Agency vanguard.

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