Candidate Management

How customisation of recruitment software helps you find the right person for the job

There are three main areas where using recruitment software helps in getting the right person into the right job at the right time:

  • Pipeline
  • Custom ratings
  • Customisation.

Many people ask what the difference is between custom ratings and customisation, and we’re always happy when that happens, as it allows us to explain exactly why we’re the best recruitment software solution - because the difference between custom ratings and customisation is what makes us so special. Our responsive, customisable software allows you to recruit the way you want to, not the way the software wants you to!


Pipeline is the term that recruitment consultants use to describe all the candidates who are currently in the system for available jobs. Pipeline management allows a recruitment consultant to see where each candidate is in any recruitment process and allows an HR manager to identify exactly where the hiring process has got to, and whether there are any ‘blocks’ in the pipeline that need to be ironed out.

From contact with our clients, we know that two of the most common blocks that both consultants and personnel departments have been experiencing in recent years are:

  • obtaining visa/right to work information
  • clarifying points on driving licences!

The first can be a problem with government departments whilst the second is usually a candidate failure - it appears that many people genuinely don’t keep track of the expiry dates of licence endorsements.

Being able to spot these blocks and action them in advance can change a recruitment process from snarled up to simple, and Recruit So Simple has an ultra effective pipeline to help you stay on top of potential blocks.

Custom ratings

Too many candidates, too many vacancies? For a recruitment agency or head hunter this would be a high class problem, but at Recruit So Simple we don’t like even high class difficulties, so we have designed a star rating system that allows the consultant to give each candidate within a pipeline a star rating so that they can focus on the best candidates for a given position at a given time, bearing in mind that the top candidate for one role might be low in the rankings for another role, both of which have active pipelines. At-a-glance scrutiny means that a consultant or personnel officer is aware of every vacancy and every candidates and can put their energy into the ensuring the top contenders move through the pipeline most rapidly.


‘One size fits all’ might work for boiler suits, but it doesn’t suit the highly sensitive and complex nature of recruitment - that’s why we have designed a pipeline process that you can customise any way you like:

  • Set status points that work for you - fully flexible status stages means that each client can identify stages in each recruitment process that they want to be aware of.
  • Tag key areas that matter - from skills to job positions, from regions to reference sources, you can personalise the entire system to tell you what you want and give you what you want, when you want it.
  • Customise journal types - recruitment involves many different activities such as meetings, emails and phone conversations, our system allows you to customise each of these so that you can track different activities easily - so you can tell at a glance if a client called you about their qualifications transcript or whether they emailed you the copy you requested. Swifter fact-checking and simpler communication streams that work for you, that’s why Recruit So Simple is the king of customisation!

All these systems make your business stronger - better informed, better positioned to take action and more likely to step up from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ in the tough world of recruitment consultancy.

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