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What separates a great recruitment consultancy?

What separates a great recruitment consultancy from a merely average one? Here are the most commonly given answers:

  • Great candidates
  • Excellent service relationships with clients
  • The ability to close a deal.

Close behind that come two other answers:

  • Knowing the industry they recruit for
  • High calibre recruitment consultants.

At Recruit So Simple we recognise that two of these factors are beyond the scope of our software - we can’t promise that working with our system will guarantee you high calibre recruitment consultants and we certainly can’t promise that they’ll have the ability to close a deal! 

The other three though … we think they are entirely within reach of even the smallest specialist consultancy or the biggest temp agency - because we have the solutions built into our software:

  • Comprehensive reporting - is vital to running any business but when you’re dealing with as many variables as human resources, tight deadlines and stress felt by both candidates and clients, being on top of business performance is essential - our software offers flexible reporting systems you can tailor to your needs.
  • Team building - not in the traditional sense, but as a powerful structure to interrogate your business productivity, our software allows you to create teams with assigned consultants so that you examine data in relation to a specific team or consultant as well as looking at the whole scope of business activity. Being able to drill down to specifics or look at the whole landscape gives you complete insight into business development.
  • Tracking power - revenue, placements, interviews, CVs etc, our sophisticated recruitment software allows you to drill down into your business via a wide range of categories, so you can ensure that all business areas are on track.
  • Permission groups - keeping your confidential data safe is a serious consideration. Limiting access to certain features such as revenue reports ensures that sensitive business information is readily available to you, but not accessible by others who use the system, such as consultants.
  • Task reminder systems - Recruit So Simple comes with an inbuilt task management services that keeps a comprehensive calendar and sends email reminders so that everything gets done in a timely fashion, but the appropriate person, and is reported back into the system. No bottlenecks, no dropped balls, no excuses!
  • Notification system - alerts give you ample opportunity to take action on the alert. This could be the registration of a new candidate via your company website, a task being assigned to you (perhaps closing a deal!) or just indication of a revenue stream receiving payment.

All these systems make your business stronger - better informed, better positioned to take action and more likely to step up from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ in the tough world of recruitment consultancy.

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M Greening

What a fantastic start to the New Year guys - I love the updates to the system. I’m already making use of the new filtering and reporting options. Thanks for all the great support I received last week as well...

A Wilkes

I’m a long time user of RSS - over three years now - and I can’t recommend them highly enough. On the occasions that I’ve contacted their technical support, the response times are extremely fast. This is of gre...