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The role of email in effective recruitment

We know that many of our clients are seeking extra functionality from their recruitment software - as the economy picks up, as international recruitment becomes more demanding and as management of vacancies, candidates and appointments is increasingly run as a just-in-time process, recruiters, whether in-house or agency, need to be totally on top of their communications.

This is why Recruit So Simple has focused down on the role of email in effective recruitment practice - because we know that it’s one of the overlooked areas that can make life miserable for recruitment consultants, and can even mean the best candidates don’t end up in their ideal jobs. Communication difficulties are small things - but in the average day those small glitches can add up to substantial failure.

MailDrop - the recruiter’s friend

Our MailDrop system has three key features that deliver effortless communication and powerful functionality to clients:

  • Using MailDrop you can email a CV to Recruit So Simple - which automatically converts it to a candidate record
  • Maildrop’s email forwarding system means that every email you forward to Recruit So Simple is logged against the relevant record, creating a seamless ‘paper trail’ - and which recruitment consultancy hasn’t had the experience of needing to prove they introduced a candidate to a client or that their temp has gone permanent and the client owes an introduction fee?    
  • This log and record system confirms to the Recruit So Simple client when it has received and processed each CV/email - no missed records, no, ‘Oh I meant to do that but didn’t get around to it’ excuses. Like a perfect PA, MailDrop takes administration off your hands so you can focus on what you do best; finding the right people for the right jobs.

Recruit So Simple MailDrop FAQ

  • How long does it take? The conversion and log of email is almost instantaneous
  • What does it cost? Nothing - we don’t charge extra for this function, it’s built in to every Recruit So Simple account
  • How safe is it? Completely safe, each client has a unique MailDrop email address so they are securely located to that email account and that account only.

Email Queuing - the recruiter’s secret weapon

Intelligent email throttling might not sound great, but believe us, it is. We’ve talked to many of our clients about the bottlenecks they experience in their work, whether they are busy HR departments or recruitment consultants. One thing many of them commented on was the frustration of reaching their email limit with their Internet Service Provider or email provider. In a high communication business, this can be a nightmare!

So we get around that, not by asking you to change your ISP or email provider, but by ensuring you can continue to work effectively whatever limits they set. Intelligent email throttling allows you to send as many emails as you need to. Our system queues them up, based on the throttle limit set by your provider so you can:

  • Be effective despite their hourly or daily limits
  • Check your outbox to see that it’s been sent - you don’t have to write it out again if there’s any kind of failure, just resend and monitor its departure.

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