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The secret to successful recruitment

More than ever before, successful recruitment strategy depends on finding candidates where they live - social media. Because the most sought after jobs are massively oversubscribed, getting the attention of the best job candidates means being media savvy. There are three strands to the relocation of the recruitment world online:

  • Smart, well-resourced and marketable individuals will not be sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. They will have set up media alerts to ping them when ideal vacancies are posted online, and they’ll have a web-based CV ready to upload.
  • Recruitment agency clients recognise this pattern - they know recruitment specialists have increasingly moved to online communication with top candidates.
  • Businesses also want to attract key employees. They know that they have to market themselves online as a good place to work as well as making it easy for excellent international candidates to submit their CVs for consideration.

At Recruit So Simple we recognised this tendency a long time ago. We had website integration as a built in component of our recruitment software long before some of our rivals even thought of the web as a venue for effective recruitment.

Our software clients can post jobs and register clients online as standard - not extra cost, no demanding administrative headaches, because we provide a simple iframe that fits into a client’s existing website in about five minutes.

Why have online recruitment facilities as an recruitment agency or HR department?

Powerful online recruiting offers four key advantages:

  • Job vacancies can be posted to your website, attracting the best candidate pool to register their interest
  • Candidates can apply online, using their standard format, which is then downloaded in your standard format
  • Reviewing online CVs is easy, as our software uses recruitment based conversion algorithms to ensure your CV review processes are standardised and simple
  • Our recruitment software integrates seamlessly into your website. You can customise it match the look and feel of your site, tailoring colours and fonts to ensure it looks perfectly at home with the rest of your brand image.

Web-based recruitment and social media

Website based job listings are only the beginning of a process of social media engagement. Because you can share your vacancies through social media, using our software, brand-building and customer engagement naturally result from your online recruitment processes. Establishing a media presence as a ‘good employer’ and a ‘great business’ comes in part from attractive, transparent, social media activity, and Recruit So Simple makes it easy for you to leverage your recruitment into brand development - a win win scenario.

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