Improvements to Recruit So Simple

February 10th, 2012 | Company News

Here is a list of improvements that we’ve made over the past week to Recruit So Simple. Most of these improvements were made as the result of feedback from customers using our online recruitment software.

  • Maximum number of recipients per email has been raised to 500
  • Support Tickets have been improved to make browsing through large numbers of tickets easier
  • Phone number identification accuracy has been improved in CV Parsing
  • CV Parsing has been made quicker due to optimisations on our parsing server
  • Tags, Positions and List Menu Items are now editable once they’ve been assigned to a record
  • Search results for Clients now shows the Main Contact’s phone number and email address

We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.


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M Greening

What a fantastic start to the New Year guys - I love the updates to the system. I’m already making use of the new filtering and reporting options. Thanks for all the great support I received last week as well...

A Wilkes

I’m a long time user of RSS - over three years now - and I can’t recommend them highly enough. On the occasions that I’ve contacted their technical support, the response times are extremely fast. This is of gre...