Displaying Jobs On Your Website

May 29th, 2012 | Company News

Integrating your recruitment software with your website is an essential part of increasing the number of quality candidates that can find and apply for your jobs. While developing Recruit So Simple we wanted to include this functionality as standard, and at no extra cost. Using our website integration features you can do the following:

  • Display selected jobs on your website
  • Allow candidates to register and upload their CV
  • Import the candidates directly into Recruit So Simple

Some recruitment software solutions are extremely complicated and costly, requiring web developers to spend hours getting your site working with the software. To integrate with Recruit So Simple you just need to copy and paste one line of code on to your webpage. It really is that simple. You can then customise the look and feel from within Recruit So Simple to make it fit in perfectly with your site’s design.

Many of our customers have given us great feedback about our website integration functionality. We often get told by them that they cannot believe we are offering this functionality at no extra cost, as most software providers charge large amounts for simply allowing you to display your jobs on your website and allowing candidates to register.

Visit our website to see how Recruit So Simple can help your business.


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M Greening

What a fantastic start to the New Year guys - I love the updates to the system. I’m already making use of the new filtering and reporting options. Thanks for all the great support I received last week as well...

A Wilkes

I’m a long time user of RSS - over three years now - and I can’t recommend them highly enough. On the occasions that I’ve contacted their technical support, the response times are extremely fast. This is of gre...