Seven ways cloud-based software helps you recruit the right candidate

August 29th, 2017 | Industry News

At Recruit So Simple, we’re completely confident that cloud recruitment software is one of the greatest benefits to the recruitment industry since the rolodex was invented – and we don’t think you’d find many people arguing to the contrary! However, a much less well explored question is just how online recruitment software can benefit all recruiters by helping to identify the best candidate for each position. So we thought we’d share the seven reasons that SAAS (software as a service) recruitment software can really solve your recruitment problems:

  • Speed – the best candidates go fast. Recruiters, whether consultant or in-house, tend to operate at a slower rate than a good applicant tracking software system, which can mean that the best person for you has been snapped up before you even get to evaluate their CV.
  • Prejudice – we’re not talking about overt prejudice here, but the kind of inherent or unconscious bias that can cause human administrators to reject certain candidates or promote others, completely unaware of their personal foibles.
  • Administration – it’s easy to become controlled by filing cabinets and stacks of paper. Cloud based employment software removes the tendency to hide behind paperwork and gives recruiters plenty of scope to focus on what they’re hired to do – find the right person for the job.
  • Specialisation – when hiring specialist candidates it’s easy for recruiters to feel that they’re not competent to judge between competing CVs, especially where there are dense or highly technical sections of material. Easy-to-use recruitment software with good applicant tracking capacities allows for easy comparison of even the most esoteric data and can give generalist recruiters increased confidence when comparing complex information.
  • Error correction – it’s all too easy to create an error and then have it proliferate throughout an entire system. A cloud based recruitment software database is not only able to flag errors but allows for rapid correction, unlike paper based systems.
  • Security – it’s a huge mistake to believe that cloud based systems are less secure than any other. In fact, as any business that has been involved in a flood, fire or other disaster can tell you, cloud-based recruitment software solutions can be the only way that small businesses survive difficult circumstances. Recruitment often happens at pinch points when businesses are growing or shrinking or experiencing some kind of challenge – the ability to manage recruitment securely via the cloud keeps your data safe and gives you maximum capacity to overcome problems.
  • Flexibility – cloud systems mean that recruiters can work whenever is best for them. This can be a boon when you’re geographically distant e.g. field offices in Manchester and Melbourne, or when an SME has to fit effective recruitment into the day-to-day business of running a growing company. Logging on from any computer and working at any time of day or night gives busy executives the opportunity to administer their organisations and find the right candidates to help the business grow.


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