Crossroads in recruitment – a round up from Recruit So Simple

September 15th, 2017 | Industry News

Recruiters to benefit from better pay

In the last couple of months we’ve seen some game-changing initiatives in the recruitment industry – the first of which will definitely please the recruitment consultants: pay increases!

The latest Glassdoor pay report shows that recruiters are likely to benefit from substantial pay rises in the next 12 months – with the most successful obtaining an average of 8.4%. It’s an interesting development, given that automation of recruitment processes is supposedly cutting down the number of recruitment professionals actually in the industry.

So why the pay rise? Apparently it’s because top companies are relying more on relationship management professionals to find the best talent, particularly in the USA, but also in the UK where Brexit concerns are making some organisations jittery about the maintenance of a talent pool for the future. Where the talent of candidates is a vital concern, the talent, and skills of the recruiters, are also highly valued.

And how does automation fit in? Well, while simple recruitment software definitely does the job, cloud recruitment software is a step up, giving agencies and human resources departments a range of automated skills. This can range from applicant tracking systems that take the labour out of remaining in touch with both candidates and clients through to easy, secure 24 hour access to a recruitment platform that can be accessed by all qualified executives, allowing full team management of what are often fluid and fast-moving recruitment situations.

Department of Work and Pensions says recruiters must stamp out job scams

An exponential growth in recruitment fraud has led to a new campaign by the DWP, giving recruiters guidance on how to stamp out job scams. Case studies laid out by the government department include job hunters being asked to pay upfront for security checks and then never hearing back from the supposed employer, premium rate numbers being used for telephone interviews for which no work is offered and work-from-home scams that are actually money laundering devices.

For the average employer such stories, plus concerns about visa and right-to-work issues, create an atmosphere of fear. And it’s not just SMEs who fall prey to such swindles; substantial chains such as Tim Hortons have found themselves involved in fraudulent schemes.

Compliance in such cases is a problem that is easily solved with the right staffing software which must be sensitive enough to handle personal information in a completely confidential fashion whilst being robust enough to serve as a recruiting platform that can cope with anything thrown at it. SAFERjobs – non-profit, partnership organisation linking the recruitment industry and law enforcement is able to help recruiters whilst recording details of all reported scams to help police and courts to recognise pattens in fraudulent behaviour.


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