How to be a happy recruiter

December 12th, 2017 | Industry News

Recruitment experiences different pinch points throughout the year and at the end of the summer but before Christmas there tends to be a rush of candidates seeking new jobs before the new year. The good news is that a recent survey revealed that there has been an 11% increase in advertised vacancies over this period in 2016. The bad news … those applications tend to be rushed, incomplete and inexact.

Recruitment software that can’t recognise such inadequate CVs leaves recruiters with a headache. Any applicant tracking system that doesn’t support recruitment agencies or HR departments in sifting heaps of applications is almost worse than useless because it creates the impression that it’s speeding up the recruitment process whilst in fact it’s leaving recruiters with a pile of useless candidate profiles that still have to be trawled through as the ideal candidate could be lurking within the heap.

CVs that don’t express professional experience

One of the most frustrating experiences for a recruiter is that they know a candidate is a good fit for a position but their CV doesn’t adequately express the skills, experience and development that the candidate clearly possesses. ‘Nannying’ candidates through the resume-writing process is time-consuming and not a good use of recruiter time, so the value of SaaS recruitment software is often in its ability to cut data in a variety of ways allowing recruiters to not only identify gaps in CVs but also to create simple guidance for all candidates about how to express their work lives in the most effective ways as possible.

Failure to move at the pace of technology in recruitment

Whilst many recruitment processes are now instantaneous, many recruiters become baffled at the lag between this swift system and the longer, sometimes circular, processes that organisations use to select their ideal candidate. Not only is it frustrating in itself to have such delays in the system, but organisations often lose the best candidate simply because they have a naive belief that the person they are contemplating will have as much interest in waiting to be recruited as the organisation has in taking their time over recruiting them. Losing the first choice candidate is not only an annoyance but leads to lower calibre organisations all round if the behaviour becomes ingrained.

Recruitment agency software that streamlines recruiting by keeping all the stages of the process clearly in play allows both employers and recruiters to see where they are at and is an aid to both clarity and efficiency.

Recruiting happily

Cloud recruitment software gives recruiters scope to balance a range of recruitment processes in real time, permits them to oversee candidate operations at times that are useful to them which may be far outside standard business hours, particularly when working across timezones and recruiting internationally. Even easy to use recruitment software can possess sophisticated features that allow complex operations to be carried out and data to be analysed in many ways, simplifying work-flows and identifying key candidates, adding up to the kind of tools that a happy recruiter requires!


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