Rate your recruiter and how to choose recruitment software, Middle East style

May 7th, 2018 | Industry News

A ‘TripAdvisor’ for migrant workers has been set up by the International Trade Union Confederation, giving workers who’ve lacked a voice the chance to ‘rate’ their recruiters and inform others about potential pitfalls and abuses. It’s a global portal, currently available in English, Indonesian, Nepali and Tagalog. The International Labour Organisation claims round 25 million people were coerced into forced labour in 2016, and this portal is designed to help reduce the incidence of workers paying fees to a recruitment agency for a ‘good job abroad’ that turns out to be little more than slave labour. Recruitment software from reputable organisations can help stamp out this practice by registering legal migrant workers and thus moving up the ranking so that they rank highly meaning that the best recruitment software for agencies will inevitably help its users benefit from their good reputations and ensure they are the first choice for highly qualified workers seeking to travel abroad for work.

Tips to find the right recruitment software

Middle East Entrepreneur has an informative article about the features that a business should seek in recruitment software, and it’s relevant to all businesses, not just those in the Middle East. To paraphrase their key points:

Recruitment is a core activity: every business should ensure it maximises recruitment results whilst looking to minimise costs. For some companies, this means offering their own ‘career portal’ – a route that’s been taken by many accounting and auditing firms, advertising agencies and international construction firms. So how can a business find the right software?

Look for adaptive recruitment tools – which means that your software needs to offer an applicant tracking system, UK or international in focus, which allows you to design recruitment processes that are simple for junior and temporary roles, but much more granular for talent acquisition at a senior level.

Verify experience without driving away the best candidates – even hungry job seekers aren’t keen on long and complex forms. Online recruitment software needs to make it easy and intuitive for applicants to upload their CV, search your site for appropriate jobs, and make their application.

Streamline HR – the best recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) doesn’t just offer a snapshot of candidates, it also allows you, the hiring agency, to dig deeply into the candidate heap and explore skills, experience and even hobbies and interests. It also offers easy appointment making systems so that the recruiting organisation and the candidates can both find a suitable interview time without lengthy email trails.


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