Recruitment engagement and salary gaps

November 27th, 2018 | Industry News

A LinkedIn survey shows that once again, the UK has the most socially engaged recruitment agencies. LinkedIn found that four out of the top ten socially engaged agencies were British, with 20 of the top 25 socially engaged recruiting consultancies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa located in the UK.

Why social engagement matters for recruitment

Recruiters in the UK clearly recognise the value of social media integration in building strong brand identities – which in turn boosts their ability to engage both lucrative clients and high calibre candidates. The best recruitment CRM draws upon social media engagement to identify networks of interest that can then be explored when creating recruitment strategies. Not only that, but strong social media engagement feeds recruiting software, giving recruiting consultancies a chance to recognise change and to spot social trends that can give the agency’s consultants a chance to inform and educate their clients about developing workplace issues, concerns and opportunities.

Online recruitment software and its role in gender equality

The pressure group Women in Recruitment reports there is still a significant gap in gender pay in the recruitment sector. In fact, the claim is that the gender pay gap has not closed since the last report in 2015. Why does this matter? Well, as all employers with more than 250 employees must now publish their gender pay gaps, it’s going to have a significant effect on the reputation of consultancies themselves. Even more significantly, organisations who are taking flack for their own gender pay issues are unlikely to choose to work with recruiters who are publicly failing in an area in which the client is trying to improve.

Male recruitment consultants earn, on average, £2,343 more as a basic salary than female recruitment consultants and when bonus and commission payments are included, they generally earn £5,589 more in total earnings than their female counterparts. It’s not a great picture of a supposedly forward-thinking sector.

There is some good news though. Recruitment database software doesn’t just track and report information like current and expected salaries, it gives agency heads a chance to demonstrate best practice and the ability to lead by example. Applicant tracking system UK software gives top flight agencies the opportunity to be proactive and more profitable – savvy recruiters will use their own good gender behaviours to up-sell the consultancy aspects of their role to major companies and organisations, thus generating stronger and more rewarding partnerships with bigger and more high profile clients.


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