Recruit So Simple’s year end round-up

December 23rd, 2018 | Industry News

Well, it wouldn’t be a round-up if we didn’t include Brexit, and with the latest Office of National Statistics report showing that net EU migration has fallen to its lowest since 2012, everybody’s focusing on how to recruit, where to recruit and most of all – how to retain, key staff.

As candidate availability reduces, and employers struggle to take on more work because they aren’t confident that they can recruit the necessary staff, recruitment agency software needs to be more sensitive, more selective and more rapid in responding to client need.

Online recruitment software has two major advantages:

  1. it allows consultants, and candidates, to update and amend information outside office hours
  2. it permits experienced recruitment consultants to interrogate data in ways that deliver the right information rapidly and succinctly to the hiring client.

This is vital where candidates are only available outside of their current working hours, as is increasingly common where sought-after individuals are currently fully employed and hotly pursued by several recruiters!

Which brings us to artificial intelligence and recruitment…

Recruitment database software and digital developments

Artificial intelligence has definitely been one of the most talked about concepts of 2018, although the one that has also seen least practical application. Part of the Catch 22 of artificial intelligence is that the industry itself is facing a massive shortage of skilled employees which can help develop the field, particularly in information security.

As a result, digital industries are actively using recruiting tactics to identify ‘passive candidates’ – or in other words, to head hunt. Recruitment software UK wide is focused on finding the ideal candidates for positions, but this approach to passive candidate recruitment brings several advantages to the client who can undertake it successfully, notably that candidates who have been recruited passively are likely to have the most up-to-date skills because they are currently in employment, and will have the most recent developments and industry trends at the forefront of their experience.

And finally – the General Data Protection Regulation has been the creator of some completely new career roles in 2018. Often named Data Protection Managers or GDPR Officers, these roles require recruiting software to parse data in a different way to identify candidates who have relevant skills and experience to transfer over into these new roles where new appointees often find their first task is to flesh out their job descriptions and define their duties!


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