Five reasons to invest in online recruitment software

February 21st, 2019 | Industry News

It seems like a good time to reiterate what we believe gives successful recruitment consultancies the edge over their struggling counterparts. Some recent – and not so recent – research shows that recruitment processes are crucial to a company’s overall success.

In 2017 IBM released a report called ‘The Far-Reaching Impact of Candidate Experience’ – one astonishing statistic was that 58% of candidates who had a negative experience with a company’s recruitment process would never apply to that company again. Recruiting software can help improve that experience which, it turns out, makes top talent much more likely to accept a job offer, according to the same report. So how does recruitment software help?

  1. The Recruit So Simple applicant tracking system UK-wide tool is smart recruiting technology, it sorts and analyses volumes of information to be proactive about managing job-seekers and prioritising job-candidate matching.
  2. Recruitment database software helps to identity ‘passive’ job seekers, and a well maintained online database constantly updates consultants about the availability, skills and interests of individuals, making a pool of passive potential into an active group of enthused and informed candidates.
  3. SAAS recruitment agencies, like those using Recruit So Simple software, have a distinct advantage in terms of removing bias from the system, and by using a wider range of information than the CV to assist recruiters in finding candidates whose resume might not make it clear just how valuable their skills are.
  4. Remote hiring becomes easy. The need to hire, integrate and then release remote workers is increasing, but identifying the right candidates for remote working requires solid online recruitment CRM software.
  5. Full service recruitment consultancies can offer pre-interview services as standard. Using the best recruitment software for agencies, they can undertake pre and post interview activity, which benefits the employer by giving a positive impression but also helps the agency by building a stronger database which delivers better results faster.

Finally, non-graduate jobs in the UK tend to garner around 150 applications, while every graduate position attracts around 39 applicants. Software that can process that number of CVs helps an agency stay agile and not get bogged down in necessary, but unprofitable, administration.


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O Simpkins

A colleague recommended Recruit So Simple to me and I’m glad I made the switch. It took a little while to get used to a new system, but after a couple of days and a little help from their customer support, I’ve...

T Burrows

As a startup I spent some time investigating recruitment software before stumbling upon Recruit So Simple. It’s early days, but I’ve found it very easy to use so far. The bulk import wizard made migrating data...