Recruitment software – how and where it works best

March 26th, 2019 | Industry News

Today the Recruit So Simple blog wants to look at the best, and worst, of the recruitment industry. Let’s start with the worst.

Failing recruitment agencies have non-transparent systems

Already this year the Recruitment and Employment Confederation was forced to rescind the membership of a Southampton-based recruitment firm, ARZ, for three different breaches of the REC’s own Code of Professional Practice. The recruitment consultancy’s failings included not abiding by GangMaster and Labour Abuse Authority licence requirements, not giving workers copies of employment contracts, incorrectly calculating leave and holiday pay, and not issuing payslips. As the agency refused to cooperate with the REC, we don’t know exactly what went on, but we can say – for sure – that they weren’t using effective web-based recruitment software. Recruiting software like ours ensures that processes are flagged and completed, results are introduced to the CRM database, and consultants can check, at a glance, that their activity is both legally compliant and professionally productive. You can’t run a deliberately bad agency with great software, which is why we believe ours is the best recruitment software for agencies.

Best recruitment CRM software for the energy industry

So what’s the best? Well, in a field that’s complex, demanding and highly contested, something called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has transformed recruiting, retaining and managing staff. The oil and gas industry now uses “Industry 4.0” as a shorthand for massive transformation in the workplace, and examples include:

  • drone leak detection for pipelines
  • 4D seismic data analysis hundreds of miles away from data collection points
  • CCTV and drone refinery security.

All these new technologies require different recruiting processes too. Recruitment database software has to keep pace with this new, digitised approach to what used to be called ‘energy management’ and it’s increasingly seen as ‘automation management’. SAAS recruitment agencies are at the forefront of locating the personnel who can continue with the transformation of an old ‘extractive industry’ to its 4.0 evolution as an automated energy delivery system. Software engineers, telecoms specialists and customer relationship managers are all highly sought after in this new hiring world and recruitment agency software needs to be sensitive enough to recognise transferable skills such as efficiency savings, which are a huge part of what has turned the oil and gas industry around since 2015. Where the energy supply chain has been digitised, costs have reduced by 50% and revenue increased by up to 10% which suggests that software integration, centralised data management and automative process oversight will become major careers in oil and gas. The best recruitment CRM is flexible enough to target transferable skills and supportive enough of recruiter initiative to allow consultants to engage potential recruits towards an industry that they may not have considered. In other words, “Industry 4.0” requires “Recruitment 4.0” from recruitment agencies – and great recruitment software is part of that evolution.


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