Two ways recruiters can innovate to improve business performance

March 15th, 2019 | Industry News

Save your clients money

An example of how recruitment database software can help clients save money and perform better emerged as a result of research into the hiring practices of NHS Trusts in the UK. The problem comes from the way that temporary and permanent staffing needs are handled through different departments. Lacking effective recruitment management software, and with no recognition of each other’s needs, the two departments often counteract each other’s efforts. This happens because while temporary staffing is able to use agencies as a route to fill jobs, NHS permanent recruitment teams often aren’t authorised to work with recruiters, meaning that their vacancies remain unfilled… and therefore fall to the temporary staffing team to fill with short term placements.

It’s claimed that the NHS could be wasting as much as £300 million on temporary agency fees when permanent staff exist on web-based recruitment software to fill those very same vacancies. Several agencies have recognised this gap and are using their recruitment agency software to highlight when a temporary contract has become something that the permanent staffing side could be filling through an available and qualified candidate. As a result, they have become preferred partners for that NHS Trust, earning a coveted position as the ‘go to’ agency for every vacancy.

Use technology differently

Two-thirds of UK workers claim their job makes them stressed, according to CV-Library research. At least one UK recruitment agency has found a way to utilise this information in social media to find high calibre candidates and to create excellent relationships. How? They are using their online recruitment software to tweet jobs with a stress factor, using hashtags like #forworkaholics or #worklifebalance which are proving irresistible to people who feel underused, or overstretched in their current roles.

When 86.4% of social care workers claiming to suffer stress and 54% of all UK employees feeling under-appreciated, this approach is amongst the best recruitment CRM, as it finds and creates loyalty in candidates that standard recruiting approaches just don’t reach.

It’s a difficult time for any recruitment consultancy, and being able to differentiate yourself from the crowd is a time-honoured way to find a niche that supports your business to grow and thrive.


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