2019’s recruitment challenges and an Easter egg from Recruit So Simple

April 24th, 2019 | Industry News

Recruitment Software can’t solve all problems and we’d be the first to admit it. Bullhorn has just published Global Recruitment Insights which identify skills shortages, technology challenges and political and economic threats to growth. The report focuses on the skills dearth, particularly in STEM areas, and with over three quarters of recruiters questioned saying that overcoming the skills shortage would be a major challenge in 2019, addressing the diversity deficit is becoming crucial. As the report says, organisations that deny themselves the opportunity to benefit from a diverse approach, they also lack a wide perspective and a range of resources.

Recruitment management software can help such organisations by reducing evidence of non-traditional background or training at the pre-interview stage to allow good candidates the chance to shine in person, and also by framing recruitment needs in a non-biased fashion so that as wide and deep a talent pool as possible can be explored.

Recruit So Simple Easter egg

Does that sound time consuming? Well Recruit So Simple has an Easter egg for you! Not the chocolate kind, of course – we’re talking about the kind of Easter egg that gamers are used to – a hidden feature or surprise that can generally be unlocked by using certain techniques to complete tasks, or entering specific button combinations. Our recruiting software has an under-utilised feature that is definitely an Easter egg for many of our clients and it’s the automation feature. It lets recruitment consultants define actions that will be automatically carried out whenever specific events occur. For example, when a candidate is placed in a post, a reminder can be automated to nudge the consultant to contact both the client and the candidate a short time afterwards to check everything is going well. Another example is that the automation process can send an email or SMS to candidates containing the details of an interview as soon as it’s agreed. In line with our ambition to be the best recruitment CRM, we endeavour to create features that make life easier for our consultants and recruiters and we’re always delighted to be able to remind them that we’ve designed our software to do just that.


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