Back to the future: Recruit So Simple’s recruitment forecast for 2020

December 11th, 2019 | Industry News

Every year we like to take a look at the recruitment industry, exploring everything from recruitment software to heart-warming, or heart-breaking, stories.

Out of the world job on offer

It’s been a decade since the European Space Agency ran a recruitment campaign, but in 2020 a British candidate may be chosen to head to the International Space Station. The average recruitment database software programme might struggle to find the ideal person who should be “27-37 years old with a masters degree in science, engineering or medicine and ideally a qualified pilot”. Speaking Russian is a definite advantage – otherwise you have to learn it, and public speaking, a calm temperament and psychological robustness are also valued. Finally, while you don’t need military experience, you will have to go through an intense physical testing process. Of course, if you’re the lucky candidate… the sky’s the limit.

Where is online recruitment software heading?

  1. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) – the 2020 recruiter’s best friend. Web-based recruitment software isn’t new, but some of the uses it’s being put to, definitely are. Applicant tracking system UK processes have become innovative, not just technologically but also in the way that recruitment consultants have used their systems to find the best recruits. Passive candidates: those who applied a while ago but weren’t successful, or those who aren’t actively looking for a job but might move if the right one came along, are a great resource for successful recruitment agencies, but can take up a lot administrative time and effort to identify. The right recruitment software cuts through the process, rapidly finding passive candidates who match new vacancies and also acting as a cost-effective communications system to stay in touch with these candidates.
  2. Behaviour assessments – the future of employability. More and more employers are seeking guarantees about the ability of candidates to be good employees… which is a more subtle and demanding process than finding out if they are good at passing exams. Pre-employment assessments are an increasing part of recruitment management software and allow recruiters to assess the degree of cultural fit that a candidate has for a particular organisation or team.
  3. Video recruiting – finding the finest talent. Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and Generation Z is wholly video literate, so engaging them through video advertising, and receiving video applications in response can be vital to finding the best talent. Online recruitment software that can work with video interviewing is certainly a large part of recruitment’s future.


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