Communications and immigration both challenge recruiters

March 17th, 2020 | Industry News

In a recent American survey, one of the key problems businesses experience when dealing with recruiters is… poor communication. While it may seem astonishing that clients are still experiencing a lack of feedback, one in four of the companies surveyed said that this was a major reason they ceased working with a recruitment agency.

Recruitment software is a good aid, but it’s not enough… the best recruitment CRM has inbuilt systems that encourage agencies to engage with their client base and even automates many communication processes such as six month follow-ups for placements, which it can be easy to neglect when a recruiter has moved on to the next task. Equally unpopular though, was necessary communication – ‘update calls’ containing no updates and general waffling when the client calls to find out the progress on their recruitment. Creating positive experiences is as vital for agencies as finding the right candidates. An applicant tracking system allows a consultancy to rapidly search all potential candidates and respond quickly to client queries.

Points based immigration, recruitment and employment

Scheduled to launch on 1 January 2021, the UK has a new points based immigration system which aims to end reliance on low-skilled labour. Visas will be offered to those who gain enough points, based on their skills, salaries, qualifications or professions. Because applicants need to be able to speak English, and have a job offer with a salary of £25,600 or above, this essentially ends free movement of labour. There is a caveat called the shortage occupation list (SOL) which does allow for lower salaries in specified sectors.

Several recruitment bodies have expressed concern – because it will increase the administration (and cost) of recruiting low-paid workers. Online recruitment software can help reduce the extra expenditure by rapidly exploring potential candidates and vacancies to ensure that maximum fit and minimum time are applied to each situation. Massively reducing the access route for low-skilled migrants is seen as being challenging as some jobs that the government appears to consider ‘low-skilled’ are essential to business growth and fulfilling public services.


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