Digital recruitment – a Recruit So Simple guide

April 28th, 2020 | Industry News

The COVID-19 lockdown has disrupted every aspect of our lives: home, work, social, romance – everything… but when it comes to keeping businesses running, or at least ticking over, there’s quite a lot of help around. Government grants and loans, business support seminars, banks offering payment holidays etc.

We have our contribution to make too. While many businesses are mothballed, others are working against the clock: research teams seeking vaccines, builders refurbishing premises to become hospitals, and frontline staff in many sectors. How can recruitment software help?

Well, digital recruitment has to be open and transparent, as well as cost effective and precise.

That’s why Recruit So Simple’s recruiting software offers the chance to post from within the software itself to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is important because it gets vacancies in front of the widest and most diverse range of candidates, allowing people to share information about recruiting opportunities with their own network, creating a brand buzz as well as offering better opportunities to recruit well and widely.

Digital recruitment works best when it streamlines administration rather than adding to it.

Recruit So Simple hosts job boards for each client, allowing them to post vacancies and accept candidate CVs directly into the system. No need to edit company web pages, no requirement to set up new systems… just seamless integration and rapid results. At a time when many of us work from home and communications can be overloaded, anything that simplifies back office work is invaluable.

Easy access to job boards

Digital recruiting is a growing area. That’s why job board aggregators are so important, especially to identify key candidates who may be actively seeking change, rather than passive candidates who are simply exploring their options. Recruit So Simple’s recruitment database software integrates with: Idibu, Broadbean and Logic Melon, the three biggest job board aggregators. So if a client has an account with one of them, they can post their vacancies from their Recruit So Simple web-based recruitment software directly out to hundreds of job boards in a single keystroke – and potential candidates are then delivered directly to their Recruit So Simple account.

We can’t change the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, but we can help mitigate the difficulties it’s bringing to many UK businesses. Well designed software allows organisations to do what they need to, even in extreme circumstances, and while we weren’t thinking about a global pandemic when we created Recruit So Simple, we did know we needed a recruiting system that could cope with anything – and we’re glad that our clients are finding that’s what we’ve delivered.


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