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June 24th, 2020 | Industry News

Recruit So Simple has been observing the recent changes in the UK economy with interest. One thing that seems to be happening is a small upsurge in the opening of new recruitment agencies. Why? Several reasons:

A depressed economy brings opportunities for new start-ups

While many of us might be hesitant about leaving a good job to start our own business, the effect of COVID-19 has been to cause people to look around and ask themselves if they couldn’t be doing better. The slowing down of the recruitment industry means that we’ve moved from a candidate driven to an employer driven market. This means that good recruitment CRM software can now power through the steps of converting the recruitment process from an applicant tracking system, UK or even worldwide, to a client-led ‘search and onboard’ process. A nimble start up agency can make a great start by focusing on this new paradigm and working closely with a small client base that is just starting to hire again.

Risk has been revised

For the many who were furloughed, or even laid off, risk has developed a different spectrum: now working for ourselves, or setting up a small agency with a colleague or two, could seem like a better bet than remaining at the mercy of an employer whose recovery might not happen, or happen fast enough. It’s also true that at present, start-up businesses are being offered a lot of support in the way of grants and advantageous loans, and even rents are being lowered to try and get the economy back on its feet.

New agencies can be fast on their feet

Recruitment database software can be a huge benefit to a new recruitment agency, and web based recruitment software is even more of an advantage as it allows a new agency to launch without having the overhead of commercial rent. Good online recruitment software also reduces administration overheads to a minimum… and with no backlog of bad entries, or need for manual record-keeping, an agency opening now can be streamlined, efficient and focused from the outset, meaning that it can create the highest standards, and the best conversion rates.

Given the reasons to go ahead, it seems that this is the time that anybody reading this may have decided to take the plunge and try their hands at running their own recruitment agency. And if that’s the case, we’d love the opportunity to explain why we think we’re the right recruiting software to help you succeed.


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