Recruiting in 2020 – what to aim for

September 10th, 2020 | Industry News

Few sectors have been as hard hit, or expected to recover as fast, as recruitment. What can recruitment agencies, and recruiters, expect from the rest of 2020?

Inbound marketing will boom

With digital technologies becoming matter of fact in many areas like conferencing and interviewing, recruitment database software that can make a contribution to inbound marketing will be invaluable. Inbound marketing aims to grow an organisation by creating lasting relationships with clients, candidates and influencers. It has three phases – attraction (bringing people with great content and engagement skills into the organisation’s orbit), engagement (offering solutions, insights or innovations that match the pain points of the audience, creating a sense of trust) and delight (helping, supporting, cheering on the audience so they feel engaged with the organisation and its offerings). Recruitment CRM software has an essential role in identifying potential influencers that a recruitment consultancy can bring into their outreach activity. For example, at least one Recruit So Simple client has had great success in getting candidates to blog for them – many have gone on to obtain positions or placements and others have generated a ‘buzz’ that leads to more candidates of their calibre and skillset signing up with the agency, leading to a superb talent pool that can be marketed to clients.

In-house resilience is premium

A 2019 report on Mental Health within the Recruitment Industry revealed that in the previous 12 months, 59% of recruiters said they suffered from anxiety while 39% had experienced depression. And that was BEFORE coronavirus!

What can recruitment agencies and recruiters do to help individuals? Many things:

1. Allowing people to work from home, or adopt flexible working, can reduce stress by up to 25%. Obviously recruiting software has to be adaptable enough to permit this, and SAAS recruitment agencies have the advantage, as they allow people to either work from home, or work hours that suit them best, which can also benefit the business has a whole, giving it a more responsive profile without adding a mental health burden about ‘working late’.

2. Talking about mental health really helps. And it doesn’t just help recruitment consultants, although the ability to talk about mental stressors at work is the simplest and often the most effective way to reduce them. If individuals and organisations feel that mental wellbeing is a priority, they are more likely to be honest, to recognise the demands of a job or their own needs within the work environment, creating a more honest job spec and a better fit between candidate and post.

3. Not just relying on your online recruitment software. While we’ve shown how much the right software can do to help an organisation, there are literally hundreds of apps out there to help people in pressured environments, from simple breathing apps through to complex monitoring technology, from walking or laughter support systems through to time out apps that encourage staff to take regular breaks and listen to relaxing sounds to reduce their stress.


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