Financial services recruitment bounces back plus future of work

February 12th, 2021 | Industry News

It’s been a long time coming. For over a decade the financial services industry in the UK has struggled to survive debt crisis after debt crisis, Brexit woes and worries, and finally the pandemic. However, following a regular reduction in financial services recruitment year-on-year, the final decision around Brexit has given some optimism. Understaffing is a real concern, and there’s a low level talent war going on, as London repositions itself as a finance powerhouse. The best recruitment CRM is designed to help organisations find the best talent, whether in finance or any other sector.

While many customer-facing roles are expected to grow in the next two years, fintech (financial technology) is the current buzzword and web based recruitment software is ideally placed to identify any kind of tech specialist, especially fintech, as these are candidates whose online presence and portfolio should be easily identifiable, giving recruiters a major advantage in spotting and engaging with up-and-coming talent globally.

A recent Future of Work survey reveals that 47% of employers are planning to fill positions that predated the pandemic and 35% expect to increase their staff over the next 12 months. Recruitment management software can be useful in helping employers work out how to stagger recruitment most effectively and build new people – and new positions – into organisations that have been operating on a crisis or mothballed basis during the various lockdowns. SAAS recruitment agencies are best placed to help, as planning for talent acquisition can largely be done online and through virtual systems and much of the hiring pipeline can be automated and handled digitally at the appropriate time to help a company get back to full capacity rapidly.

Virtual hiring systems are complex though, and helping candidates work out whether they are right for your company is essential. A massive 75% of candidates who responded to the survey said that they found it hard to judge if they were a good fit for the culture of the organisations they were interviewing for. The guidance of an expert recruiter will help organisations stepping into this field for the first time.


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