Recruitment – orchestration and end of life

August 16th, 2021 | Industry News

Recruitment agencies, often seen as one of the industries that have been enthusiastic about using the internet to improve their business, may actually be lagging behind when it comes to using cloud and software-as-a-service (SAAS) based recruitment technologies.

“Orchestration”, the process of “defragmenting” processes used more commonly in sales operations, can also help SAAS recruitment agencies to create more innovative ways to reach candidates, improve their engagement and be proactive not just in identifying good candidates but also in using web based recruitment software to find potential clients and develop relationships that lead to profit. Another place where orchestration can be beneficial is in handling the grunt work of checking details on CVs and developing a candidate pool that can actually see a rejection as a positive, because it’s followed up with a chance to remain on the books and be offered a position down the line.

The best recruitment software for agencies also unites all these processes so that managers can easily see how each project is progressing and chart the strength and weaknesses of each recruitment campaign.

An example of how recruitment agency software can help a sector that’s facing challenges is in how hospice recruitment can be better handled. Burnout is a major factor in people leaving the sector, whilst limited training in palliative care over the past 18 months due to COVID-19 has led to a bottleneck in recruitment. In short, more people need hospice care and less people are working in the field. In the USA around 20% of people in hospice care said they’d considered leaving their jobs and 30% had tried to reduce their work hours during the pandemic.

Online recruitment software allows agencies to go and find passive talent and ‘sell’ it the idea of joining, or reentering the hospice sector, by showing the value of the work, the culture of the sector and the appreciation the public feels for the workforce, all of which are powerful recruitment influences when moving healthcare professionals from one sector to another. In addition, recruitment database software can be used in conjunction with orchestration techniques to explore when an individual might be ready for a career move into the hospice sector and also to encourage those who’ve moved successfully to ‘nominate’ colleagues who might also be a good fit for hospice employment.


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