Needing more workers means doing more work

October 25th, 2021 | Industry News

The stark truth about recruitment in the 2021 is that it’s hard work! In the USA three-quarters of companies say they are struggling to fulfil vacancies, 77% say they expect this to continue for at least a year. In the UK job vacancies between July and September 2021 hit a record high of 1,102,000. Simply put, people are leaving work and nobody is taking their place. Companies need to learn to think differently to succeed.

Key points are:

Explore the future

Technology will be your friend or your enemy – it’s up to you. As you grow or change your team, consider how the future of work is changing. Remote working is a reality that we were forced to adjust to, but what other forms of technology can you adopt to help you find candidates? The best recruitment CRM doesn’t just spot candidates, it shapes the way your company engages with them and defines how your organisation is seen.

Look at your budget

What do you need to fund, apart from salaries? Do you need better recruitment software? Should you be running an advert online? Would a meet-and-greet event in a local hotel help? Are there benefits you can offer, or add-ons that won’t upset your current workforce, that might help you succeed at recruitment?

Talk to your partners

You have both internal and external recruitment partners: your in-house HR team and your recruitment agency or headhunters. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Talk to suppliers and partners, look upstream and down. It could be that with the help of sophisticated recruiting software you can identify how you can work together on recruitment. Think about joint events, think about working together on apprenticeship schemes, or taking personnel from each other eg if you’re hiring entry level and they take on mid level, maybe you can move some of your personnel up to a partner organisation and they can help you identify entry level candidates or vice versa. Mine your joint networks, maybe even set up some joint training or a recruitment day.

Check your footwork

Good candidates get their pick of employers. Web based recruitment software can help you be both quick off the mark and sensitive to each candidate’s position. For example, somebody who’s already working full time doesn’t want to feel pressured, but on the other hand, sensitive contact outside work hours is both respectful of their time and allows them to feel properly seen and understood – which can make the difference when talent is juggling multiple options.

Finally, don’t sit back, thinking things will change. The pandemic has caused a lot of people to rethink their priorities and companies that don’t move to where the candidates are, won’t succeed.


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