Hidden reasons to use a recruitment agency

November 30th, 2021 | Industry News

Many people understand the obvious reasons to use recruitment services:

  • Saving money – recruitment agencies and recruitment software in particular, save any company money by working more efficiently, automating processes and freeing up your personnel to do their jobs
  • Drawing on wider resources – your exposure to your own industry can be partial at best, because there’s all that stuff about confidentiality and competitiveness that can make it difficult to have real depth. The best recruitment software for agencies helps recruiters to identify outstanding candidates that might not be visible to you.

But there are other reasons that should be taken into account when you’re deciding whether to use a recruitment agency, such as:

  1. Improving your advertising – unless you’re an advertising agency, you’re probably not expert at creating adverts! Crafting superb recruitment advertising requires time, knowledge and a background of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Now most recruitment has become virtual, web based recruitment software can be a huge assist, by giving recruitment agencies the opportunity to use a number of platforms and trial a range of approaches to find out what will work best for your vacancy, and your sector
  2. Interviewing expertise – scrutinising applicants, holding effective interviews – and maybe call-back sessions, setting exercises and tasks to assess both skills and interpersonal responses – is a real skill. It can be easy to become complacent about your ability to spot the right people for your organisation, but having an outside expert to both design and sit in on your interview process can ensure you don’t miss the outstanding candidate because of institutional shortsightedness
  3. Exploring interim and temp to perm employment options – we all know that there’s never been a candidate market like the one we’re facing in 2021, businesses need staff that just don’t seem to exist. This is where a recruitment consultancy, drawing on the best recruitment CRM, can identify people who may be able to do the necessary work, but who aren’t going to fit the traditional permanent employee mould, such as graduates on a gap year who might be willing to work for a few months, people seeking short term work before launching their own businesses, highly skilled older people available for short projects etc.

If you’d like to explore how working with a recruitment agency, and utilising the best recruiting software, can help your business become more efficient and more effective, why not talk to Recruit So Simple today?


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