Recruitment strategies for 2021 and beyond

December 6th, 2021 | Industry News

There are national, and even international, changes that are affecting the world of recruitment. In Taiwan, a new law has allowed for greater flexibility in recruiting foreign professionals, and especially, making Taiwan a more attractive place for graduates to come and live – and work. Web based recruitment software shows a definite trend for major companies to have upped their game around international recruitment, and the legislation makes clear it’s not just C-suite positions that they are recruiting for. Another thing that recruitment software reveals is the extent to which all potential candidates above entry level are being sought, even wooed, by forward-thinking employers. From LinkedIn articles through to targeted advertising, graduate level employees are being exposed to employment opportunities and introduced to potential future employers in systematic ways that require creative approaches and excellent recruitment CRM software to identify, engage and maintain relationships with a talent pool. Internationally, companies are both creating a basis of talent that they can draw on and expressing their company values to potential future employees in ways that allow them to onboard new staff in a timely and consistent fashion.

Who is it hardest to hire in 2021?

A recent American survey has shown that 55% of hiring decision-makers believe that the toughest roles to fill are senior level positions, which is why the best recruitment software for agencies allows recruiters and employers to keep pace with the activities of those they might seek to recruit.

So what do those strategies look like?

First, they engage both within and without. As in the case of Taiwan, strategies reach outside the organisation to ensure that there’s a clear understanding of what is achievable, legally, in HR terms and logistically. Inside the organisation they engage with policies, structures and key personnel to ensure that each new employee has a clear understanding of organisational culture and a streamlined route into their role.

Second, they recognise the fluidity of roles; this is where recruitment management software comes into its own. Moving beyond the simplistic position of ‘transferable skills’ into a wider and deeper understanding of what an organisation might need to be strategically well-placed in future, effective recruitment strategies are locating individuals, teams and companies in projected scenarios that allow them to develop their own skills and capacities – to the organisation’s benefit.


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