Recruiters recruiting recruiters and other post-pandemic recruiting puzzles

June 24th, 2022 | Industry News

One effect of the increasing tensions in the labour market is the demand for recruiters. According to recent research by LinkedIn, nearly 3% more UK recruitment vacancies were advertised on the platform in April 22 than two years previously. This is actually one of the lowest demand levels, as the trend is 4.3% higher in Spain and 5.9% increase of advertised vacancies in Germany. Recruitment software UK wide is demonstrating that one of the biggest growth areas is recruiting at the entry level … and this demand is actually outstripping supply at every level in the sector, as is true across the UK where job vacancies are greater than unemployed persons for the first time in living memory.

In the face of a still contracting economy, some sectors have seen unprecedented demand, IT being at the forefront of this surge. This has led to the best recruitment crm pivoting to leverage remote working as the solution to IT vacancies, allowing recruiters to identify, interview and propose candidates from a much wider geographical area than previously. This has also meant that recruiting software has had to change too. One blockage in hiring for specialist positions can be the to and fro of assessing qualifications and experience, which has been dependent on time zone communications which can be problematic. Web-based recruitment software allows candidates and clients to respond in their respective work days so information can be shuttled backwards and forwards using online recruitment software features such as automated messaging to keep everybody in the loop.

Recruitment management software is being used by savvy recruitment agencies to remain in contact with people who left their jobs during the Great Resignation to assess when and how they may be ready to return to the workforce and even to tempt them back with enticing vacancies. SAAS recruitment agencies have an advantage in this activity as they can slide into social media and engage individuals without coming across as being heavy handed.

Temporary recruitment on a high

Temporary staffing revenue also rose in April, although the pace has slowed. Sectors that are showing substantial increases include nursing, especially travel nursing (the specialist term for registered nurses who work for agencies and are assigned to different care areas to resolve short- term employment issues) and even office/clerical work revenues rose throughout the months of February, March and April.



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