Business slows/business grows in recruitment

August 5th, 2022 | Industry News

There’s a paradox at the heart of current recruitment consultancy life. Just as billings are reported to be at their lowest rate for 16 months for temporary work, more recruiters are choosing to go it alone than at any point in the past four years.

What’s driving the increase in small recruitment agency growth?

Oddly, it’s the very thing that’s causing difficulties for big recruiters. Candidate shortages. While the large recruitment companies point out that clients are slowing down their decision-making processes on permanent hires due to higher economic instability in the UK, there’s no doubt that the decline in candidate numbers is a huge problem. But – for those who choose to start a recruitment agency now, there are a couple of advantages.

The best recruitment websites get more traffic in lull periods

Advantage one is that people who aren’t actively looking for work are much more likely to be searching online, just to see what’s out there. And one of the biggest turn-offs for passive applicants is the impersonality of the websites of many large recruitment agencies – but being able to put a face to the recruiter, and feeling that there’s a bespoke agency out there that focuses just on your locality, trade or specialism, can make the difference between developing an active candidate to be placed and having them scroll past.

The personal touch – allied to online recruitment software – allows solopreneurship to flourish

Setting up your own agency can feel demanding – but having the right software to support your entrepreneurship can allow a small agency to flourish with none of the overheads that cause larger organisations to have smaller profit margins. Being personal enough for candidates and clients to both feel known and valued is one thing, but it has to be matched by recruitment database software that fulfils all the administrative tasks of a big back office team if maximum advantage is to gained from each placement or temp role filled.

The prize goes to the swift

Small agencies and sole traders can pivot fast, whilst bigger enterprises struggle to change direction. In a tight recruitment market, consultants with scope can adjust to changing circumstances, even moving into new sectors. The best recruitment software for agencies is equally agile, and with Recruit So Simple’s recruitment website design, newly launched agencies get to benefit from all the functionality of the best recruitment crm allied to a bespoke website for recruitment, designed to achieve business success by those who know all about success in recruitment. Ready to launch your own recruitment business? Call us today to find out how we can help.


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