Recruitment Software and a more stable job market

October 17th, 2022 | Industry News

Following on from the ‘great resignation’ there is some evidence that the UK job market is stabilising again. Recruiters are seeing a shift and recruiting software is helping drive forward the positive shift.

According to McKinsey there is still ‘a fundamental mismatch between companies’ demand for talent and the number of workers willing to supply it’. One piece of evidence of this is the way that companies using online recruitment software are benefitting from a larger and more attractive talent pool than those relying on more traditional – and therefore less accessible – communication methods. Top talent wants to be able to engage with the recruitment process at its convenience, not during business hours only.

The best recruitment websites also act as a talent funnel, not just informing candidates about jobs but giving them opportunities to enter the recruitment process, contact details that lead to immediate engagement not just opportunities to upload a CV and even snapshots of vacancies that give a good sense of the culture of hiring companies, so that high calibre candidates can visualise themselves in the organisation.

Given that the most difficult task facing US Chief Financial Officers in the next 12 months was described in a survey as “acquiring and retaining staff” – it’s no surprise that the recruitment industry is in a period of growth. What does it take to get a recruitment consultancy off the ground?

The ability to delegate

Far too often, new recruitment agency CEOs think they have to wear every hat in the organisation, from interviewing candidates through to handling payroll. Delegating mundane tasks to other team members, or using recruitment management software, is a better way of getting your business established, as it frees you up to do the really important work of establishing your brand and finding talent.

Being rigid about your business plan

Having a plan is important – you won’t get funding or support without it. However, when the world changes rapidly, it’s important that your plan changes too. Being flexible is vital to business growth, and the recruitment consultancies who benefitted from perturbations like Brexit, the pandemic and the Great Resignation were those that managed to keep core business functions going whilst engaging in nifty footwork to meet need.

Developing a hermit mentality

When you start a business it can be all-consuming, but recruitment is one of those industries that requires a leader who is out and about in the community, building a reputation and getting to know about local or sectoral need. Successful agency heads allow recruitment agency software to do the grunt work so that they can spend time becoming known as an expert and a resource, which leads to more leads and a higher profile.


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