Variables that improve recruitment in 2022

November 28th, 2022 | Industry News

As the year draws to an end, data is being gathered on this year’s recruitment experiences. Recruitment database software allows agencies to conduct their own basic research, assessing what has worked and what hasn’t, on the ground.

Diversity and Inclusion – Attracting people into work has become a major challenge in many sectors from insurance to driving to hospitality and one of the major routes to better hiring since the pandemic has turned out to be Diversity & Inclusion. One way that recruiting software can improve D&I approaches is by substitution. For example, organisations often believe that a candidate must have a set qualification to be recruited; however, many candidates may have non-standard backgrounds that prevent them being considered. Recruitment management software can be used to find equivalences that allow more candidates to be shortlisted by recognising transferable and soft skills, assessing comparable education levels and exploring how rapidly somebody can be on-boarded using training and induction rather than expecting all candidates to arrive ready prepared. Given that 61% of millennials see D&I as important to their employment choices, companies that operate a strong D&I programme are also likely to have a higher level of interest.

Internships – Internship programmes can be another valuable way of achieving better recruitment outcomes. The best recruitment CRM can be used to help track internship opportunities and use internships as a way of demonstrating the value of new entrants into the job market to potential employers. Just as internships can attract good candidates who may choose to enter a sector because they have hands-on experience, internships can also demonstrate to clients that their a strong candidates in the field, although they may need supplementary training or support.

Agility – A term usually applied to logistics and e-commerce, agility has a very specific meaning in recruitment: how long it takes to onboard a new hire. A recent survey shows that the average period taken to hire is 41 days. However, the best recruitment agency software can be used to speed up that process considerably and given that 49% of potential employees say they declined a job offer through poor handling of the process, speed can be vital to getting the best talent. An applicant tracking system UK based and able to automate tasks so that candidates are regularly updated about their progress through the process may be one of the variables that helps a client obtain better staff and therefore makes them happier with their recruitment agency.


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