New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters – consider recruitment website design

December 29th, 2022 | Industry News

In a difficult business climate, you might be forgiven for thinking that the only resolution recruiters need to make is to stay in business! But think again. A recruitment agency website is much more than just an advertisement of your presence and services – at its best, it can be the core of your business success. The best recruitment websites aren’t an addition to the agency, they are its hub:

  • hosting operations and marketing initiatives
  • serving as a digital platform for all social media
  • providing a portal for inbound traffic from candidates and clients
  • acting as the internal communications channel for your entire team.

This fourfold focus on productive means that a purpose designed website for recruitment functions rather differently to other e-commerce initiatives and that’s where industry specific guidelines come into play. Recruitment website design requirements are simple – but demanding.

What the best recruitment websites all have

Two channels at all times – candidates and clients have very different expectations of your site and therefore need a different experience. Being able to design for both within a single site needs a real understanding of the market, and of the user experience. At RecruitSoSimple we’ve spent decades honing this understanding and testing user experience to ensure our sites meet both
sets of expectations.

A distinct proposition – your narrative needs to help you stand out from the crowd, and that means working with designers and developers who really grasp what makes your agency different and can communicate that to your audience with clarity and authority. A standard recruitment website template can’t help you stand out, although it’s a good place to start; in addition you need to be talking to people who can help you find the words, images and design to bring your proposition to life

Visual branding – imagery, colour and other elements help us differentiate one brand from another, think of New York’s yellow taxis or the ubiquitous red post box. You don’t have to be strident about visual branding, but having a clear understanding of brand identity and carrying through every element of your website is a strong way to build brand identity and to help both candidates and clients to remember you next time they have recruitment needs.

Integration – the best recruitment websites offer the opportunity to work seamlessly with your applicant tracking system to give complete functionality at every stage of the recruitment process which saves time (and money) and gives clients and candidates a swift, organised response that creates confidence.

So if your current website isn’t delivering in all these areas, maybe it’s time to make that New Year’s Resolution and invest in one that will. Contact us for a website that will make your recruitment simple.


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M Greening

What a fantastic start to the New Year guys - I love the updates to the system. I’m already making use of the new filtering and reporting options. Thanks for all the great support I received last week as well...

A Wilkes

I’m a long time user of RSS - over three years now - and I can’t recommend them highly enough. On the occasions that I’ve contacted their technical support, the response times are extremely fast. This is of gre...