2023 recruitment trends – and how to transcend them

January 10th, 2023 | Industry News

Recruitment software can’t solve any organisation’s recruitment problems – the only thing that can do this is strategic planning and a clear understanding of the challenges ahead. However, what recruiting software can do is help overcome difficulties as well as pinpointing solutions.

Remote, digital, engaged

With the emergence of XBB 1.5, we’re looking at another year where remote working is going to be not only essential for businesses but attractive to candidates – thoughtful employers will make sure that remote working is available whenever possible to be able to attract the best talent. One thing is obvious – web based recruitment software carries a message to candidates that an employer is truly willing to accept remote working. The days of asking people to engage in face-to-face activity at the early stages of recruitment are long gone, and seem likely to remain so until or unless we master COVID, and its variants, for good.

This also means that digital competence will continue to be at a premium: Teams, Slack, Zoom etc are standard workplace tools now, and using these and other technologies to engage candidates during the early stages of recruitment helps clients to understand if potential employees are truly adept at technologies that are essential to effective working with hybrid and remote teams.

Culture, benefits, fit

Wise employers will take the opportunity to highlight their culture and benefits package – given that candidates are focusing increasingly on flexibility, opportunity and support. For example, given the current fears over the NHS, companies that offer opt in or universal health packages are likely to fare better in the marketplace than those failing to showcase how they can give candidates not only a good job but also some of the life rewards that they value.

Recruitment database software can be utilised to create a clear picture of a candidate’s ambitions and aspirations, allowing recruitment agencies and HR personnel to be clear about where there’s congruence between an individual’s desires and an organisation’s goals.

Communication, communication, communication

It’s omnipresent – not only do employers have to travel beyond their comfort zone to reach new candidates, they have to find new ways to get their organisation to be desirable and memorable in a crowded recruitment environment. Working with a recruiting partner that uses the best recruitment crm can help engage talent rapidly and effectively, and automated processes can assist with timely communications that keep candidates informed about progress and give them a real sense of being part of a process rather than just a cog in a wheel.


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