Where is recruitment feeling the love in 2023?

February 6th, 2023 | Industry News

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re starting February with a look at where the recruitment industry is getting some swipe rights.

Economic issues in recruitment

Let’s begin with downturns – recruitment software reports show that the actual number of organisations recruiting in the last quarter of 2022 went down by about 6%. However, where it’s growing has been in specialist and senior roles: and that’s where the best recruitment crm comes into its own, because it allows for intense and effective management of relationships within small cohorts, which is vital if effective recruitment is to be achieved without upsetting or disappointing good but ultimately unsuccessful candidates. For employers who are juggling the risk of a recession with the need to find some way to get customers/clients/partners to invest in their offering, being able to hand off candidate relationships to a well resourced agency is a win. Not only that, but the same companies say they’re expecting to increase their spend on recruitment in these areas, so recruitment consultants can expect a slight boost in those fields.

Employment speed dating

Next on the list is time. Both timing and time spent. Sifting through cvs and assessing the relative merits of candidates is being viewed as low value for employers, which means that recruitment agency software that is equipped to take on this kind of activity will not only win the affection of clients but also give recruitment consultants more time to focus their efforts on relationship building with both clients and candidates, which is likely to be a key feature of successful recruitment in 2023. Why? Because with candidates saying their main reason for seeking a new job is a higher salary and 39% of employers saying they can’t afford to offer pay rises, other factors may make the difference. Those factors include:
feeling appreciated and that there’s a good fit between candidate and company culture
a swift recruitment process with no demoralising ‘dead air’ times in the process
well managed onboarding that begins with the recruitment process rather than being separate to it

Recruitment – the honeymoon phase

Recruiting software is also earning kudos for the way that it helps employers and potential employees to establish a relationship even before a job offer is made. This can be a huge gain for employers, who have less downtime before employees become productive. The best recruitment websites are the starting point for this process, as they convey a genuine sense of the hiring organisation’s culture to the candidate, allowing them to develop a sense of belonging and loyalty early in the recruitment process.


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