Recruitment Software – and how to use it to improve your recruitment processes

March 27th, 2023 | Industry News

Few sectors have changed more quickly and more often than recruiting over the past fews years. Employees are increasingly unhappy in their workplaces, especially in the UK, and while fear of unemployment is keeping some people in role, others have taken the opportunity to move fields, or to move out of paid employment altogether.

Recruitment agencies, and companies, are increasingly viewing recruitment as a marketing process for 4 reasons:

  1. It allows you to attract more and more highly qualified candidates
  2. It gives differentiation between your company and your competitors – making you a ‘premium destination’ for potential employees
  3. It creates a recruitment funnel like the sales funnel used to convert browsers to buyers
  4. It gives potential recruits a clear picture of how the recruitment process will operate.

Recruitment activity often begins with the initial, often passive contact, and the best recruitment websites make this engaging, beginning the process of attracting candidate attention. Web based recruitment software can be used as the back end of an enticing advert, allowing a ‘click to apply’ process to instantly convert a casual viewer into a committed applicant.

From there, recruiting software can be used to parse resumes and CVs, sorting them into categories so that high value candidates are contacted rapidly. Meanwhile the best recruitment crm maintains contact with less ideal candidates, ensuring that they feel valued and converting them into ambassadors for an organisation’s recruitment process, even if they don’t succeed in getting the job. This develops a pool of candidates available for future vacancies who are highly motivated to join the company. 9 out of 12 employment sectors in the UK are still below pre-pandemic levels, so having a group of potential employees already feeling good about your organisation can be crucial to success.

The next step is to get a positive decision from your chosen candidate(s). This means making sure that your interview processes are clear and rewarding. Applicant tracking system UK processes can be used to ensure that the offer you’re making is clear and concise, that the most likely questions to be asked will be answered, and that your interview process is structured to give a potential employee a good experience, strong exposure to your organisational culture and values, and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. It should also give you, or your client, the chance to fairly evaluate candidates so you can make the best decision in the interests of the company.

Finally, using recruitment database software is a good way to remove unconscious bias so companies benefit from the best talent, rather than the talent that a few people who get to sit across the interviewing table find themselves comfortable with.


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