Why ATS matters to effective recruiting

April 5th, 2023 | Company News

It’s a given that software has permanently altered the nature of recruitment, and that every recruitment agency now makes more or less use of various forms of recruitment software. However, the extent to which recruiters develop their talent management strategy via recruiting software may decide how well they achieve their goals. In particular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), can be utilised to improve recruitment efficiency and accuracy.

Recruitment automation allows recruiters to reduce the demands of manual processes during a recruitment drive, this means that they can reduce:

  1. cumbersome procedures and paper processes
  2. the risk of losing track of applicants during the recruitment activity
  3. time spent handling administration.

However, this isn’t the only reason to consider recruitment software, especially online recruitment software as central to successful recruiting. Applicant tracking system UK, and more widely, allows recruiters to find employees more quickly and over 70% claim that effective use of ATS improves candidate quality – not necessarily because better candidates apply as a rest of recruiting software – although the best recruitment websites do encourage higher quality applicants because they give people a confidence and ease of access that encourages them to proceed. It is also true that ATS helps to identify and engage with the best candidates, as a function of recruitment crm software.

Using ATS to create a centralised set of processes that operate a complete recruiting cycle facilitates the identification and recruitment of excellent candidates. However, these centralised processes don’t just work towards efficiency in finding the right people quickly and effectively, they also support the creation and retention of a candidate pool that can be applied to future vacancies or further hiring processes, thus reducing future recruitment costs.

Investing in recruiting technology has obvious advantages. However, deciding which recruitment software to use can be crucial. It’s important to have your recruiting goals clearly in mind when assessing recruitment database software – do you wish to improve the number of applicants per post, to streamline your recruitment processes, to engage passive candidates, to harmonise recruiting avenues such as websites, agencies, social media, databases and job boards?
What form of analytics and reporting will work for your organisation? Does your chosen ATS need to work with already existing software? Does your organisation rely on traditional hiring routes such as sending out job adverts and processing CVs and resumes or have you moved to a more skills-based approach or even proactive talent acquisition!

Recruit So Simple works at the cutting edge of recruitment software development, but recognises that users may be at different points in the recruitment process. This allows its software to fit well with HR departments and recruitment agencies at all stages in the recruitment landscape, giving each organisation instant access to new tools and technologies that fit well with existing systems.


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