As recruiting cools down – multigenerational and digital teams are the way to go

July 10th, 2023 | Industry News

It’s no surprise that money motivates candidates – but as the best recruitment software for agencies can reveal, money isn’t the only motivator. Given that there are four generations in the current workforce, recruiters need to understand how to engage effectively with candidates across the generational perspectives. As an example Gen Z is the least likely generation to respond to salary while Gen X workers are the most likely to feel underpaid. Of course these are broad generalisations but recruitment website design can be tweaked to give candidates of different generations the opportunity to ‘find themselves’ in job descriptions.

Multigenerational teams have great benefits for any workplace, but as an increasing drive emerges to bring staff back to the workplace, smart recruiters will recognise that differentiating those who prefer working from home (WFH) and those who value going to the office can be invaluable in recruiting effectively. There are several fascinating insights to be found on the internet and they are often counter-intuitive. Surveys, and recruitment agency software, both reveal that Gen Z is keenest to be in the workplace while Baby Boomers are most likely to enjoy remote working. The effect of AI is also differently proportional, which may be due to employment roles or may be due to greater awareness, but nearly 80% of Gen Z professionals are worried about AI affecting their career prospects compared to just 27% of Baby Boomers. This could just be because older candidates have less future in the workplace than younger ones, therefore the risk is viewed more lightly, but again, recruiting software can be used to communicate around such issues and concerns in a sensitive and effective fashion to different candidate groups.

Of course building teams is demanding, and priorities have shifted in the last few years. Everybody wants to feel valued and the best recruitment crm can be used to help support the values and aspirations of the entire workforce, regardless of generational difference.

2023 recruitment predictions

Recruiting predictions are down for summer, and recruitment has become both measured and more focused on business critical roles. While there has been a substantial layoff in digital recruitment, IT roles are still most in demand although recruitment is down 7% on this time a year ago. Given the turbulence in the digital arena, this is a fantastic time for recruiters to build relationships with potential candidates so that they can prime the talent pipeline for the future as digital recruiting will inevitably increase.


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