What makes an outstanding recruitment website?

September 22nd, 2023 | Industry News

Recruitment used to be about having an office in the right location: easy to find, centrally located for both clients and candidates and in a ‘good’ area. Today, digital recruitment is similarly demanding, but requires a website that meets the needs of both candidates and clients.

Recruitment website design – appearance matters

A website for recruitment needs to be informative but simple, attractive but technically advanced. One way to think about this is front end and back end. The front end of your website has to be good to look at, easy to use and memorable. The back end has to be high functioning, containing all the recruiting software necessary to move somebody from browsing to applying, and capable of complex functions whilst guaranteeing security.

Use psychology to create the right mood for recruitment

Everybody knows that colour can change emotions and influence behaviour, that’s why hospitals are painted those calm pastel colours. The psychology of colour can help you define how your online presence impacts your audience – the best recruitment websites use a combination of trust and reliable colours (blue, grey, silver) with the dynamic and exciting accents provided by bold primary colours like red, orange and yellow. Thinking about how you use colour to influence your candidates can help move them gently in the right direction – towards using your services to find their next job.

Use enhanced job search tools

Making sure that your website is fully integrated with an advanced job search toolkit makes sure that both you, your client and your candidates can find what you want, and get what you want, from the online recruitment process. Giving everybody the chance to personalise your recruitment website to work for them means that you get them to visit more often, and having tools like recruitment management software at your fingertips means that you can manage the recruitment process online, streamlining applicant tracking system UK processes to give you instant access to a pool of qualified candidates you can introduce to clients.

The best recruitment CRM requires social media integration

At Recruit So Simple we work with MyWebsite to ensure our clients have the best possible social media exposure, seamlessly integrating our recruitment function to connect with any recruitment website’s LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp profiles, allowing every activity to be shared on all channels without time-consuming social media content creation. Our software combined with great website design allows a recruiter to send job alerts, candidates to set up RSS feeds and gives everybody the most up-to-date information in the most attractive format.

If you’re ready to get your recruitment website working at top capacity, contact us today for a demonstration.


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