Why recruitment software? And when?

November 21st, 2023 | Industry News

More evidence that recruiting software is changing the nature of recruitment, and that recruitment itself is changing has come from two recent reports. The Manpower Group has been exploring the market for ‘green’ talent. They claim 55% of business leaders who responded expect that green business trends with make greater demands on recruitment than technology in the next five years and that this transition is expected to created up to 30 million jobs, worldwide, by 2030. This means that recruiters who ride this trend will benefit from a major source of income in the years ahead.

Green talent and web based recruitment software

Green talent is classed as those who boost the sustainability of a company, and/or those who disrupt traditional technologies to make them less wasteful. The European Green Deal is a €225 billion commitment to greening all industries.  Key sectors such as utility companies, transport firms and logistics suppliers are all seeking staff for green initiatives.  But finding those employees requires a change of approach. ‘Green’ talent is likely to respond to advertisements that are designed to recognise both the challenge and the reward of transformative approaches to the environment – this means that recruitment website design needs to be transparently and knowledgeably clear about green issues to attract the calibre of candidates required.

Transparency is key to success with candidates working in disruptive technologies – while these are large and growing markets, they are also tightly linked in other ways: candidates will have similar backgrounds, have studied at the same universities or have experience in fairly limited areas of expertise or technology. As a result, people working in these fields are going to have the six degrees of separation approach to being recruited. They won’t rely entirely on what they are told – they are very likely to use GlassDoor and LinkedIn, and other formal or informal networks like alumni groupings to check out the reality of what’s on offer from an employer whose green credentials aren’t already clearly established. Once advertising has achieved a response, recruitment management software needs to be able to engaged these candidates in a very different way: to recognise their dubiety about joining ‘non-green’ organisations in ‘green’ roles because of a well-founded concern about ‘greenwashing’ rather than genuine transformation.

Online recruitment software has a role to play too. Green candidates are likely to require environmentally friendly recruitment procedures – glossy brochures and interviews in hotel conference rooms are unlikely to win over this talent pool! Given that the online recruitment software market created €1.5 billion in 2022, and could reach a €3.6 billion turnover by 2032, the linkages between this major recruitment field and the need for effective recruitment database software is clearly made.

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