Make 2024 the year you move from recruitment to recruitment marketing

February 12th, 2024 | Industry News

In an environment where work is becoming more complex and more unpredictable truly mastering recruitment marketing may make the difference between success and failure for many agencies. It requires the implementation of marketing principles and techniques strategically to attract and engage the best candidates and it means using a range of channels and tactics – and measuring the results of those activities – to constantly update your strategy to stay at the top of the recruitment ladder.

Talent attraction

Just as in retail, the best shopfront, whether virtual or bricks and mortar, will attract the most customers. In recruitment terms this means drawing on social media, job boards, SEO and AI and targeted advertising to improve visibility and appeal to the best candidates. The best recruitment websites act like a shop window for the recruitment consultancy, drawing the right candidates towards the organisation.

Candidate engagement

Getting the attention of a candidate is not enough, the best recruitment agencies keep candidates on board throughout their careers, even if the right job isn’t on the horizon. SAAS recruitment agencies have an advantage, being able to use recruitment agency software from the beginning to both personalise and automate communications, to create a strong, nurturing relationship with all candidates and to offer regular updates on the world of work that makes the agency into an authority.

Hiring with ease

Recruiting software doesn’t just make it easier to hire, by streamlining the process through application tracking systems, screening CVs, appointment scheduling and automated responses but also allows recruiters to measure what has worked and what hasn’t, spotting any weaknesses or obstacles in the process of swift, simple recruitment, even in complex industries.

Talent spotting

Really outstanding recruiters don’t simple fill vacancies, they have the capacity to spot talent that can be nurtured, recognising that both individuals and companies need to progress or stagnate and allowing them to build strong relationships through platforms like LinkedIn that give them opportunities to spot future candidates and changes in company needs and be ready to slot the right people into the right roles. Adept use of recruitment database software helps with talent spotting and frees up recruiters to build relationships with talent.

Analysis, analysis, analysis

If location is the grail of estate agency, analysis fills that role for recruiters. It’s a crucial element of decision-making, providing invaluable insights and allowing intuition to be bolstered by data. Being able to see how effective each recruitment strategy has been, how long each campaign has taken from advertisement to successful hire and measure applicant numbers and suitability. Recruitment management software does the heavy lifting so that recruiters can quickly master their metrics and improve their performance.

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