simple from the start

Recruitment software created with you in mind.

An amazing recruitment solution

It's never been easier.

You know how to use Recruit So Simple from the moment you first login. That's because it was created with you in mind.

Beautifully designed.

Every screen is beautifully designed, clutter free and simple to use. From adding a candidate to posting a job on your website, the intuitive design makes everything a breeze.

Pricing you can understand.

Every feature is included in the price. You'll never have to pay for additional features or upgrades.

Web Based Web Based

Access from anywhere with nothing to install.

Email & SMS Email & SMS

Keep track of your communication.

Intelligent Searching Intelligent Searching

Find exactly what you are looking for.

Tags & Groups Tags & Groups

Group records and assign keywords.

CV Parsing CV Parsing

Extract candidate CV data instantly.

Website Integration Website Integration

Integrate with your existing website.

Tasks & Calendar Tasks & Calendar

Create tasks and set reminders.

Managment Tools Management Tools

Stay in control of your business.

Social Media Social Media

Post open jobs to your social networks.

Reporting Reporting

Keep track of your business performance.

Job Boards Job Boards

Post your jobs and import candidates.

Automation Automation

Avoid slow and repetitive tasks.

GDPR & Data Processing

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On 25 May, 2018, the GDPR will take effect in the European Union (EU). GDPR will impose strict controls on how all organisations collect and process personal data within the EU and/or personal data of EU citizens.

Simple tools to help you stay compliant.

In addition to our own compliance, Recruit So Simple has a selection of tools to help our customers comply with GDPR requirements. Find out more...

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Web Based

Access wherever you are.

Recruit So Simple can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, all you need is a web browser. Everything is stored securely in the cloud so your data is always available.

Whatever you're using.

Whether you're at the office, at home or on the move, Recruit So Simple works flawlessly on your mobile device, laptop or computer.

Fast, reliable and secure.

Recruit So Simple has been designed from the ground up to be lightening fast. Industry standard SSL technology, daily backups and fully redundant servers means you're in safe hands.

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Email & SMS

Track those all important conversations.

Email and SMS messages1 sent from the system are automatically logged against the relevant person, whether they are a candidate, client or contact.

Works with your existing email setup.

Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) Recruit So Simple when sending an email from your usual email client, and a copy will be stored on the relevant record automatically.

Time saving tools.

Make your life easier with templates and mail merge tools. You can also forward CVs directly to the system, where they are parsed and turned into candidate records automatically.

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Intelligent Searching

Relax, it's so easy.

Powerful search tools bring you the results you want with minimal effort. You can then refine your results and save them for later.

Let us do the work for you.

Automatically match candidates and jobs using a range of customisable criteria. Quickly filter out irrelevant records using our intuitive coloured scoring system.

Location, location, location.

Recruit So Simple features a comprehensive and up to date GB postcode database. Find candidates, clients or contacts based on their location.

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Tags & Groups

Flexible, so you don't have to be.

Assign key words (created by you) to any record in the system. Skills, qualifications, important key words and phrases can all be added, making searching incredibly powerful and accurate.

Organise your favourites.

Place your important candidates, clients and contacts into custom groups and call lists. From here you can perform group actions such as emailing and shortlisting.

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CV Parsing

Lightning fast.

Upload a CV for parsing and within seconds Recruit So Simple will automatically extract the candidate's skills, personal information and contact details. Parsing is lightning fast, making it an ideal system for adding many candidates, freeing up your valuable time.

Automatic employment history.

Recruit So Simple automatically creates the candidate's employment history/record, using the information provided in the candidate's CV.

Automatic tagging.

Tags which are found within a candidates CV are automatically assigned to the candidate. You can then use these tags to make searching and matching more accurate and relevant.

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Website Integration

Drastically reduce your start-up costs.

The Website Integration module comes as standard and is included in the monthly price. By inserting one line of code into your existing website, you can turn it into a powerful recruitment portal.

Built-in search and apply.

Select which jobs to publish, and then allow candidates to search and apply for them - all from your website. The applications can then be imported automatically after being reviewed.

Your own job board.

Alternatively use our Social Recruit module to deploy your own, mobile optimised, white label job board in minutes.

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Tasks & Calendar

Manage your workflow.

Create tasks and assign them directly to candidates, clients and contacts. Set reminders for those important interviews and telephone calls, or schedule tasks for colleagues.

All in one place.

Tasks and interviews appear automatically on the calendar, making it easy to track your day-to-day activities.

Export and sync.

Sync your Recruit So Simple calendar (including your tasks and interviews) with your existing email client automatically.

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Management Tools

Keep track of your consultants.

View an individual consultant's tasks, interviews and calendar entries - or if you prefer, you can view everyone's at once.

Pipeline management.

Using the built in pipeline, you can easily track every single vacancy in the system, its status, any assigned candidates and their current progress.

Security and permissions.

Create custom security groups to restrict access to certain parts of the system, or to prevent deletion or exporting of data.

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Social Media

Sharing is easy.

Share your jobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more - all from within Recruit So Simple.

Keeping track is even easier.

Track the number of visitors each job receives and which social networks the visitors came from.

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Track your performance.

Recruit So Simple can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your business performance.

In every detail.

Revenue from placements, consultant success rates, and dates of new records and where they came from can all be displayed.

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Job Boards

Multi-post to hundreds of job sites.

Recruit So Simple has full 360° integration with Broadbean, Idibu and Logic Melon, making it easy to post your jobs to hundreds of job sites across the web2.

Import and review.

Automatically import potential candidates into Recruit So Simple and review their applications. You can also choose to only import applications which have been previously rated - saving you time.

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Automate repetitive tasks.

User actions in the system can automatically trigger tasks, emails and SMS messages1, freeing up your valuable time.

Auto-Agency CVs

Generate agency CVs with ease.

Edit candidate CVs quickly and easily, adding your logo and styling without the need for additional software.

Data Migration

Moving is easy.

Whether you're moving to us (or from us), transferring your database is simple using our built-in data migration tools. Find out more...

What our customers say

4.93 Average

27 Reviews

C Welch

After working in the Recruitment Industry for a number of years and having a vast amount of experience with different Recruitment Databases when I started my own business I knew I was looking for a System that was easy to use, Reliable and not too expensive. Recruit So Simple offer just this and a whole lot more as my team has expanded and we have increased our users the feedback I get from them on a regular basis is excellent. RSS are great to deal with and offer a fantastic support system. Thank you to the Team for your excellent work.

B Murphy

Being able to consolidate all of my data to one, simple to use, cloud-based solution has transformed my business. I cannot recommend RSS highly enough. The after-sales customer service is an example of how it should be done. Nothing is too much trouble. No question is too silly. The reaction time to flagged issues is incredible. I feel appreciated as a customer.

M Greening

What a fantastic start to the New Year guys - I love the updates to the system. I’m already making use of the new filtering and reporting options. Thanks for all the great support I received last week as well.

A Wilkes

I’m a long time user of RSS - over three years now - and I can’t recommend them highly enough. On the occasions that I’ve contacted their technical support, the response times are extremely fast. This is of great comfort if I need advice on how to do something. Reliability and speed are faultless regardless of time of day. I have a small team of consultants working for me, and their feedback is similar - of course, they’re happy that makes my job a little easier. I’ve watched the system grow over the last couple of years, with updates being released on a fairly regular basis. The new features are always a welcome addition - I particularly like the facility to email CVs from my Outlook - that was a big time saver. I’ve recommended RSS to associates already and would happily do so in the future.

O Simpkins

A colleague recommended Recruit So Simple to me and I’m glad I made the switch. It took a little while to get used to a new system, but after a couple of days and a little help from their customer support, I’ve now found my feet and really enjoying using it. What’s made all the difference is the price includes everything - and there’s no need to commit for a year or more. I’ve been burned before, tying myself to something I ended up not liking and on top of that finding hidden charges all over the place.

T Burrows

As a startup I spent some time investigating recruitment software before stumbling upon Recruit So Simple. It’s early days, but I’ve found it very easy to use so far. The bulk import wizard made migrating data from my old spreadsheet far easier than expected! Based on my experience so far, I would happily recommend.

J Brownlie

Andrew was superb throughout the whole process. He understood that the issue would better be resolved over the phone and endeavoured to make it as easy as possible. Effortless and very efficient whilst giving me of an understanding of what went wrong.

L Thornhill

I've worked in recruitment since 2001, so have plenty of years' experience and plenty of recruitment systems experience. Despite having worked for a very large corporate, their system was nowhere near as good as Recruit So Simple (RSS). The other problem with large corporate recruitment systems is that if you want anything improving/changing, there's no-one to talk to. At RSS they take on board all customer comments and work hard to continually develop and improve the system. From a user point of view, the most important things are how quickly can I get to grips with a system, is it intuitive and is it easy to use. The answers are Very, Very and Very. Added bonus is that the people there are lovely, human and incredibly helpful. You get an awful lot for your money. Liz @ Indigo Accountancy Ltd

T Howe

I've used many many recruitment database solutions over the years and always found them limiting. Either by length of contract, cost, flexibility, functionality, usability or accessibility. Since accidentally stumbling across Recruit So Simple I must say for us it has been by far the best move we've ever made. This is for us without question the best cloud based solution we've ever used. And I don't use those words lightly as I've tried most of them. Some come close of course. The usability alone is very straight forward indeed. In fact even though there are various on line support functions to help you master the system, most of it was just common sense. Its as if this solution was designed by Apple. Its that user friendly. I could list lots of advantages to this solution but for me the one that sticks out the most is that its cloud based with simple plug ins to our website and social media platforms enabling us to maximise our reach.

Z Tristan

It’s good to have the confidence that there is sufficient support when you need it. I also like the convenience of not being tied to a long term contract. Something else I like is that it’s not bloated with stuff you need or want - it’s very clean - a bonus when you spend most of your day looking at it! I’ve already recommended Recruit So Simple to my associates and will keep on doing so.

R Colton

Over the past 9 months, Recruit So Simple has been great! We can’t fault the product or the service received at all. Questions are answered within minutes NOT hours (something we still can’t get used to) and unlike our previous software - it hasn’t been down once. Reliability is a big thing for us. There are lots of options allowing you to customise the system, and we especially like the fact you can forward CVs to the system and it creates a record automatically. I will definitely recommend Recruit So Simple to my friends.

E Moore

Excellent, easy to use yet comprehensive product. Great support and very nice people to deal with, who always reply incredibly quickly. RSS also designed my website quickly and exactly how asked, updates and modifications done very quickly and at very realistic prices. I looked at most products before choosing RSS and have used other software systems in the past for recruitment. I have been a very happy customer for the last 2+ years and wouldn't even consider using another product. The fact that it is a simple monthly payment with no tie-in speaks volumes for the confidence RSS have in their system. Simple contract, simple to use and great people to deal with, why chose anything else?

A Taylor

Me and my business partner have just started up on our own and have settled on using Recruit So Simple for our software. The guys there are very helpful and got us up an running nice and quickly. I've got no complaints about the software at all, it does everything we need it to. I haven't sorted out the email sending yet but I understand this is fairly straight forward to do. I'd say if you're looking for recruitment software you should give this a look.

M Brown

I’ve been in recruitment for over nine years now and have tried all of the main systems. I can honestly say that Recruit So Simple is by far the best. Lovely bunch of people to work with and the product is dead simple to use. It’s always been rock solid and reliable, and the fact they are always updating it with new features shows that they really listen to us - the customers. We won’t be going anywhere else!

S Brockwood

We recently moved from Bullhorn and are really glad we did! Recruit So Simple is rock solid - fast, reliable and most importantly backed up by a lovely team of people. The easiest thing has been changing our website over to use their integration, done within a couple of minutes and included in the cost. We’re very happy and wish we moved sooner.

R Garfield

I have been Recruiting for 9 years now - RSS is the best CRM system that I have used - wish there was more training to get around the whole system but to be totally honest if you know recruitment its pretty easy to pick up - everything is so smooth and easy. I would recommend RSS over any of there competitors, having used some market leading products such as Profile and Adapt. RSS is so refreshing! On top of the software the team is 2nd to none, always on hand to offer support, always with immediate reaction. Cant say enough good things to be honest!

J Scholes

Super service - very prompt response, solved the problem in a flash. Highly recommend.

G Young

I find Recruit So Simple easy and straight forward to use. I have used two different databases previously when at my last employers and have found this system by far the most organised and simple to use.

K Owens

I’ve been using Recruit So Simple for a few months now, and one of the stand-out features is brilliant customer service. They’re extremely responsive and really helpful. Getting help from my old provider was a bit of a nightmare - I shan’t name them! I’m not the best with computers so it’s good to know help is there when you need it.

J Roberts

Just got started with Recruit So Simple, let me say I'm very impressed. The support has been fantastic, the only major problem I had was getting my email set up but that was mainly due to me being a complete techno-phobe. It has all the features I need and much better than the collection of spreadsheets and documents I was using before. I looked at a few different comanies before choosing but the ease of use was the deciding factor for me. It's early days but a I'll be a long term customer I hope :)

  1. Requires SMS credits which can be purchased from within Recruit So Simple.
  2. An account with Broadbean, Idibu or Logic Melon is required. Additional fees apply.