Latest Improvements to Recruit So Simple

June 12th, 2013 | Company News

We’ve recently made a lot of improvements to our SAAS Recruitment Software. As always, these improvements come from the various suggestions and feedback that we receive from our customers.

  • Automatically create your own “Agency Copy” of a candidate’s CV from a template
  • Improved CV text searching with support for Boolean queries
  • Improved posting of jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook etc. with our new “Social Recruit” module
  • Brand new email composer with improved features
  • Much larger documents can be uploaded to the system
  • CV text searching now highlights the words found in the CV
  • A new report “Activity” has been added to monitor the actions each user performs
  • Quickly preview CVs from the search results screen
  • Several improvements to make reviewing job applications from your website easier
  • New search options for finding candidates/clients that haven’t been contacted recently

Automatically creating agency copies of candidate CVs is something we’re really excited about. This means you can now edit candidate CVs quickly and easily, adding your logo and styling without the need for additional software.

Our new “Social Recruit” module makes posting jobs to social networks even easier. Candidates can apply via your own branded job portal (hosted by us), and you can track the number of visitors each job receives and which social networks the visitors came from.

We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.


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O Simpkins

A colleague recommended Recruit So Simple to me and I’m glad I made the switch. It took a little while to get used to a new system, but after a couple of days and a little help from their customer support, I’ve...

T Burrows

As a startup I spent some time investigating recruitment software before stumbling upon Recruit So Simple. It’s early days, but I’ve found it very easy to use so far. The bulk import wizard made migrating data...