Why do you need recruitment software?

March 9th, 2015 | Industry News

Why recruitment software plus personal experience, delivers the best candidates

Here’s a question we get asked a lot. ‘Why does my agency/my department need specialist recruitment software?’ There are a dozen different answers, and these are just the top three:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Security of data

But there’s an additional consideration, which has just been reported on by Cambridge University’s Psychometrics research centre. Computers may actually be better at predicting personality than individuals. Yes, this study claims that Facebook likes can be used by specialist software programmes to create a more accurate picture of an individual’s personality than friends can produce!

So, what does this mean for recruitment? Well a couple of things:

  • First, that as recruitment software becomes more responsive and intuitive, it will tend to assist in the process of identifying the best candidate for a position by examining a range of factors that might not automatically come into the mind of an individual conducting the same search.
  • Second, the speed with which recruitment software can conduct such searches is a huge contribution to swift and timely identification of the right person for any job. This is vital to any business, whether it’s a recruitment consultancy that needs to deliver great candidates rapidly, or a Human Resources Department that is managing a range of internal and external candidates as well as overseeing the personnel needs of other departments.

Recruitment software assists candidate selection

The ability of software to predict candidate matches is undoubted – the speed with which it can do so is impressive – so why do we need recruitment consultants/HR personnel?

That’s easy to answer – there’s one thing that no software, no matter how sophisticated, can yet do. It can’t assess the intuitive nature of what makes two individuals click together. That requires something that no computer yet possesses, and may never possess, the amazing ability to know that despite all evidence to the contrary, an individual is just right for a position. The human capacity to form these intuitive judgements is based on knowledge – of the client or company, of the individuals involved, and of the broad nature of the industry, region and competitiveness of the position.

Providing this perfect blend of sophisticated and responsive software to support intuitive broad judgements is our job – we focus on ensuring our clients get the best software to allow them to recruit the best people … it’s that simple!


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