Recruitment 2020 – how to ride the trends to success

January 24th, 2020 | Industry News

There’s been a vast amount of change in the recruitment industry in the past decade, and no sign of these changes slowing down. In fact they seem to be accelerating. So how can recruitment agencies ride the crests and avoid the troughs?

The best recruitment CRM builds resilience in recruiters as well as in placements

Candidate relationship management software isn’t obviously a solution to the problems of recruiter stress and resilience, but increasingly we see that truly good recruitment management software actually helps an agency to be more adaptable and buoyant, for three reasons:

  1. Recruitment software that supports relationship building with candidates often frees consultants up to focus on clients, building strong links and creating bonds
  2. Recruitment CRM software allows consultants to check out their intuitive responses to a candidate boosting that difficult-to-define but invaluable element that allows a good consultant to make a judgement call about the way a candidate will fit into an organisation
  3. Web-based recruitment software provides recruiters with the ability to instantaneously review and update candidate profiles and client vacancies, meaning that the agency moves faster to fill need, which boosts confidence as well as income.

Dynamism is essential in recruitment

The best candidates rarely walk through the door these days, literally or figuratively. Finding top-level candidates is a process of active engagement on social media, at likely locations and through maintaining links with previously placed candidates. Recruiting software can help an agency build its dynamism, allowing for excellent applicant tracking, automated contact with candidates so nobody falls through the net, and streamlined administration so that recruiters can focus time and energy on finding the best people and getting them into the right jobs.

Agility: walking the recruitment tightrope

While the bottom line is often seen as being about successful placement, the true foundation of a strong recruitment agency is retention, and not just how long individuals stay in the jobs you find for them, but also how long your recruitment consultants stay with you! Online recruitment software can find candidates but it can’t do the vital work of ensuring they feel valued enough, but also challenged enough, to stay. An agency with a constant turnover of personnel is unlikely to be able to create strong relationships with its client base, so the best agencies ensure their own team is given plenty of opportunity to grow, which ensures that staff are both light on their feet and light in their attitudes, all of which makes an agency, and its component personnel, agile in periods of change.


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