Recruitment statistics and methods for winter 2020

October 7th, 2020 | Industry News

A recent survey shows that despite all the ups and downs of COVID-19, UK companies are a little more optimistic about permanent hiring. The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) says that short-term demand rose by around 11% between June and August. Recruitment software evidence bears out this trend, and while business confidence is still in the negative zone it’s also picking up. On the other hand most employers apparently still think that the economy will worsen before it gets better, but their negative view is somewhat less developed than in a previous survey in April.

Recruitment CRM software reveals that the lifting of public health restrictions through the summer helped the employment sector get on the move. Another positive influence has been that employers also have a better strategy to cope with this (hopefully) unique crisis. Job advertising has begun to increase slowly and SAAS recruitment agencies in particular are seeing a benefit from being online, as work from home recruiters find it easy to navigate the complexities of hiring without an office and with a team working virtually.

On the downside, 18% of employers also said they had reduced employees pay or earnings in the previous year, showing that there is little or no margin in most sectors and that staffing will be very lean for the foreseeable future.

Recruiting for intelligence

Not intellectual capacity, but actually for the intelligence services. It seems that new brooms don’t just sweep clean, they innovate, and Richard Moore, the new head of MI6 has said that he hopes to ‘persuade some of you to come and work for #MI6’. The ‘some’ he’s talking about is his 93,000 twitter followers!

Recruiting software is an ideal accompaniment to a digital recruiting campaign, as it allows companies to simplify many tasks, including automating social media and email messages to make a recruiting campaign both streamlined and effective. The best recruitment CRM also allows employers or recruitment agencies to create genuine online relationships with both candidates and clients, turning a necessity into a valuable business tool.


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