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February 27th, 2022 | Industry News

In the finance industry, multinational companies have set up bonus policies and bonus parity schemes to try and combat the Great Resignation and to retain talent or attract new employees. Recruitment software is being used to track the bonus schemes offered by rival finance institutions so that bonuses offered have parity, with the addition of a sign-on policy and a loyalty bonus at the end of the first year, they hope this will bring talent to their organisation or keep it there.

In construction, in the USA, where women are 14% of the workforce and ethnic minority representation is a mere 6%, recent research shows that less than a third of individuals believe construction is an industry ‘for them’. Online recruitment software can find individuals with transferable skills and signpost them to sectors they might not otherwise have considered, but industry-wide there’s a drive to create a new perception in social media to help grow recruitment in currently underrepresented groups.

And in manufacturing – where demand is high – technology, including recruitment agency software, is being harnessed to ‘meet candidates where they are’. For this sector, this often means a texting based focus, with applicant tracking system UK-wide systems being used to engage a sector where most people are not spending time in front of a computer in their work day. In 2021, one employer using texting and automated applicant contact, improved their responses by 50% over more classic communication channels like email. Given that 51% of Americans who have a second job as well as working in manufacturing say this is because they need the income, the sector also has much to do in offering competitive salaries and benefits.

Online recruiting finds employees, regardless of sector

Generally, around three quarters of recruiters are using social media to post job opportunities and 16% are using TikTok, which is twice the rate reported in 2020. There are downsides to this approach, for example when engaging candidates via text, tracking communications can be tricky and some candidates can feel harassed while others feel neglected. Good recruitment management software manages this by tracking text campaigns and social media job notifications, event signposting and more personal content designed to convert viewers to applicants.

One way that online recruitment works especially well is in accessing ‘the passive majority’ – those in work, and apparently happy with their job, but who could still be tempted to move. A stunning 82% of workers worldwide say they would probably click on a job opportunity posted by someone in the social network, meaning that shareable job opportunities, crafted to hit a network rather than a candidate can give SAAS recruitment agencies incredible access to a huge candidate pool.

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