Recruitment trends and tensions

October 31st, 2022 | Industry News

Recruiting trends are changing – and fast – Salary and happiness: In a recent study of more than 35,000 employees, more than half of those under 25 said they would leave a job if it made them unhappy. But what makes for happiness at work ? One thing,surprisingly, is salary information. 61% said that salary details on a job advert would make them  more likely to want the job. Recruitment management software can be used to effectively communicate with candidates without having to slap a salary range on a public advertisement, and recruiters who take this approach are clearly maximising their chance of producing an enthusiastic applicant.

Wider, and deeper, recruitment

Every company knows that we have fewer people for more demanding jobs, especially in technical and IT areas. looking more widely and deeply is always worthwhile – that might include usingrecruitment database software to dig deeper into candidates’ backgrounds to see where they have  ‘buried skills’ that can be updated rapidly, or exploring across geographical areas, or looking at remote and hybrid working that could bring candidates back into the workplace who’ve left for a variety of reasons from living in remote areas through to being carers. Similarly Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) lead to both wider and deeper recruitment … recruitment agencies can help organisations present their DEI initiatives to candidates in a sensitive fashion. Nearly 50% of candidates now ask about DEI when considering a position.

Active sourcing

Another great resource that SAAS recruitment agencies have at their fingertips is the process of searching for and engaging with candidates rather than waiting for them to respond to job advertisements. This is a major trend, which fits closely with wider and deeper recruitment, targeting candidates who may be employed, or taking time out but considering coming back to employment, or soon to enter the job market, and exploring their needs and issues. Bring able to engage with candidates at times and in places that work for them is a fantastic attribute that the best recruiting software makes easy.

How to make your recruitment agency attractive to investors

Many recruiters are looking for inward investment, but what makes your agency attractive to an investor?

  • Core values – being credible and being confident about your track record
  • Longevity and expertise – having team members with experience in recruitment, and having retained your early employees
  • Specialism – being a market leader makes you much more likely to obtain investment, the best recruitment websites make it clear that your both a specialist and a leader in your field
  • Compliance – boring but true; showing you understand your legal commitments, have good systems such as GDPR compliant recruiting software, and showing you have good governance will all make you a much more interesting investment opportunity.


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